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Mr. Michael O誰eal

Updated September 24, 2013

Linear Announces Expansion to Award-Winning eMerge Elite Access Control System

Updated September 17, 2013

Linear Ships New IP Cameras With Up To 5 Megapixel Resolution

Updated July 11, 2013

Linear Unveils CD and MP3 Music Source for DMC Intercom Systems

Updated June 7, 2013

Linear Announces New Line of Analog CCTV Cameras

Updated May 2013

Linear to present, "Competing for the Connected Home: What Channel Will Win?" at CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference & Showcase

Updated April 2013

Linear Closes on Acquisition of 2GIG, Leading Provider of Home Automation and Home Security

Linear Announces eMerge Essential - Affordable, Scalable Browser-Based Access Control

Linear Expands Home Automation Offerings with Z-Wave Lighting Products

SecurityStockWatch.com: We have all heard of Linear but are confused about what Linear’s core businesses are. Can you provide some clarity? Who is Linear?

Michael O誰eal: Linear LLC, is a leader in residential and commercial access control, emergency response and security solutions, for over 50 years, Linear has been selling product under our own brand name and we are a leading OEM/ODM provider to many of the security industry’s top brands. We’ve been a leader in the development of RF and other wireless technologies and we are now creating solutions that foster new levels of integration. The ultimate goal is to have a single platform that addresses and manages products within the access control, security, health & wellness and home technology families.

SecurityStockWatch.com: There is significant change in the security market. What are the most significant developments that you see and how is Linear going to position itself to be successful?

Michael O誰eal: There are a significant number of new entrants into the security market including many of the leading telcos and media companies, plus DIY solutions designed specifically for home improvement centers. Linear is already providing product platforms and peripherals to some of the most familiar names in this group, and with its wide product line and technology reach, is well positioned to work with several more. In addition, technologies such as Z-Wave and the ubiquity of smart phones make interactive systems not only possible, but expected - and we are charging forward with new products to meet and exceed our customer’s changing expectations.

SecurityStockWatch.com: I have heard that in the last 18 months there is a lot of change in the Nortek and Linear businesses. What are some of the major changes and how will they impact the business.

Michael O誰eal: There has been significant change in the senior management of both Nortek and Linear over the past 18 months or so. Along with the changes in management, there is an increased emphasis and concentration on the most significant growth opportunities we have, coupled with being more transparent with our customers, and taking a more active role in helping to grow their business. Additionally, as a member of the Nortek family of companies, we have the ability to leverage each other’s technology and channels to deliver better Nortek solutions. When you consider the brands in the Nortek portfolio and how they can benefit from sharing technology and resources, Linear has a tremendous opportunity to reach new markets and bring better products and service to our dealers, and in turn, strengthening our stature as an innovation leader.

SecurityStockWatch.com: What new products are you launching this year and how to they position Linear for future success?

Michael O誰eal: There are numerous new products and services being launched this year by Linear. As an example, in our Security business unit, Linear will release a new wireless security alarm system platform under its own brand. Along with the new security system, Linear will offer a cloud based interactive service that allows end-users to control their system from anywhere using a smart phone or browser. From our Access Control business unit, Linear will also be releasing a new IP-based access control platform extending the range of products from entry level to enterprise level solutions. Additionally, from our Health & Wellness business unit, Linear will continue to add peripherals and technology to the 4200-series emergency response system platform just released in late 2012, as we strengthen our Health & Wellness solutions portfolio.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Over the years, Nortek and Linear have bought a large number of companies. Are there any plans you can discuss?

Michael O誰eal: We will continue to meet the needs of customers in our marketplace through a number of avenues. These include organic growth, in-house new product development, integrating with complementary products and technologies from other brands within the Nortek family, and where necessary, through acquisition. Most recently we acquired a line of Z-Wave products from ACT to address a shortcoming in our product offering. I’m confident that you will see many of these strategies play out as we expand our platform of open-architecture solutions - this is especially appealing to us. You will see us strengthen and integrate our own products across families, as well as integrating them with products from other manufacturers and brands.