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​Lindsey Lachman & Andrew Chanin


Cyber Investing Summit  

SecurityStockWatch.com: Thank you for joining us today Lindsey, Andrew, and congratulations once again on the traction Cyber Investing Summit has achieved year after year. What can attendees expect to see, hear and learn May 16, 2019 in New York City at the 4th Annual Cyber Investing Summit?


Cyber Investing Summit: Thank you, Martin! We’re extremely excited for this year’s Summit. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with leading decision makers, innovators, and investors in the cybersecurity sector. Our expert speakers will engage in thought-provoking discussions covering a wide array of topics including market trends and forecasts, equity performance analysis, top budget priorities for CISOs, funding for startups, benefits of investing before versus after a breach, protecting your brand, and the next frontier of cyber. AT&T Cybersecurity VP of Products & Technology Roger Thornton will share his insight and advice during the keynote address.


SecurityStockWatch.com:  What’s new this year?

Cyber Investing Summit: There will be a much larger CISO/CTO presence from companies including AIG, Ford Foundation, Google, HBO, Major League Baseball Players Association, Walmart, and Wells Fargo. This year we will also be hosting invitation-only roundtables during the day for top CISOs, Analysts, and Venture Capitalists to discuss trends, challenges, and forecasts for the industry. The roundtable will allow participants to connect with their peers and speak freely without attendees or media present.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Are there opportunities to interact with the Research and Analyst communities at Cyber Investing Summit? 

Cyber Investing Summit: Absolutely. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with the Analysts during coffee breaks, lunch, and the cocktail reception. Attendees will also have the chance to interact with the analysts during the Q&A portion of the Cybersecurity Equity Performance Analysis panel. 

 SecurityStockWatch.com:  It’s an impressive list of exhibitors, sponsors, speakers – what are the 2019 opportunities to engage with Cyber Investing Summit?

Cyber Investing Summit: The Summit is a great platform for companies to seek new investors, create awareness for their solutions and products, increase exposure to financial analysts, and generate leads. There are several opportunities to participate at this year's Summit, such as delivering individual company presentations, speaking on a panel with industry experts and thought leaders, and conducting product demos in the Exhibit Hall. Companies interested in additional information can contact us at info@cyberinvestingsummit.com.