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SEC Chair Gensler says crypto ‘rife with fraud, scams and abuses,’ threatens national security > More

AWS’ Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) can be a security risk for your business > More

Managing Your Way to Hybrid Cloud Security > More

Security concerns over chip shortage are pushing governments to act, Moody’s says > More

Health IT Security Challenges Persist for Hospital Systems > More

What in-house counsel need to know about “reasonable” data security measures > More

The security risks lurking for banks still using mainframes > More

36% of organizations suffered a serious cloud security data leak or a breach in the past year > More

Microsoft acquires security start-up CloudKnox > More

U.S. and E.U. security officials wary of NSO links to Israeli intelligence > More

Tencent's WeChat suspends new user registration for security compliance > More

APi Group to acquire Chubb Fire and Security Business from Carrier for $3.1 billion > More

Why Cyber Security Stocks Have Rallied In Recent Weeks > More

Facebook spent $23.4 million on Mark Zuckerberg's personal security > More

Cloud security in 2021: A business guide to essential tools and best practices > More

Cybersecurity Failures Left Travelers' Personal Info at Risk > More

New security technology at the airport > More

House Advances Homeland Security Bills to Enhance Cybersecurity & U.S. Economic Security > More

Boosting Security with Robotic Process Automation > More

What did we learn about food safety and food security from the pandemic? > More

Slain Haitian President’s Security Was Lax > More

Windows 11's best security features > More

New Report Details Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Threat to National Security > More

Top 5 Physical Security Threats > More

IT Security Leaders Face Continued Vulnerabilities When Safeguarding Digital Communications > More

China drafts new cyber-security industry plan > More

Trouble for Biden – from crime to border security, here's why White House has reasons to worry > More

The biggest post-pandemic cyber security trends > More

A closer look at Google Workspace privacy and data security > More

Funding is flowing into a new era of cyber-security start-ups > More

Car security: How to stop car break ins before they happen > More

Ransomware is not out of control; security teams are > More

Department of Energy asks Congress for $201 million to bolster cybersecurity in wake of attacks > More

$500 Million in Ransomware Payments Laundered By Cybercrime Ring > More

The Challenge Of Educating The Military On Cyber Strategy > More

John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison > More

Microsoft's security tool can now spot rogue devices on your network > More

Microsoft's new security tool will discover firmware vulnerabilities, and more, in PCs and IoT devices> More

Apple’s Cook says proposed EU tech rules threaten security of iPhones > More

Mandatory Homeland Security Cybersecurity Directive > More

73% of enterprises suffer security and compliance issues due to internal misalignment > More

A security bug in Google’s Android app put users’ data at risk > More

Study Reveals Bring Your Own Device Security Gaps as Remote and Hybrid Work Increases > More

Is This The Next Frontier In Building Access Control And Security? > More

Upcoming SpaceX mission a reusability milestone for national security launch > More

Cotton warns Beijing Olympics will pose challenges for the 'safety, security and privacy' of American athletes > More

Here’s how Jewish institutions should be thinking about security > More

Surge of New Digital Accounts During the Pandemic Leads to Lingering Security Side Effects > More

Why the Hybrid Workplace Is a Cybersecurity Nightmare > More

Cybersecurity attack hits world's largest meat supplier JBS' IT systems in the US and Australia > More

Proactive Security Key to Combatting Supply Chain Attacks > More

Printer risks go deep into IT history > More

Where Security And Privacy Regulations Meet Cyber Insurance > More

Wanted: Millions of cybersecurity pros. Salary: Whatever you want > More

Venmo will let users hide friends list after Biden security blunder > More

Ransomware attacks saddle Biden with grave national security crisis > More

Ransomware has thrust cybersecurity into the spotlight > More

Cybersecurity experts say more can be done to prevent ransomware attacks > More

Hackers Breached Colonial Pipeline Using Compromised VPN Password > More

The Best Cyber Security News Websites Of 2021 > More

DHS to announce cybersecurity regulations for pipelines after Colonial hack > More

The Colonial pipeline ransomware hackers had a secret weapon: self-promoting cybersecurity firms > More

Cyber security chief fears hackers could target hospitals > More

The Makings of a Better Cybersecurity Hire > More

Timeline: How the Wuhan lab-leak theory suddenly became credible > More

Businesses Are at Risk of Cybersecurity Breaches Due to Worker Error > More

10 Emerging Cybersecurity Trends To Watch In 2021 > More

Amid threats to members, House to vote on new security > More

Parks Associates: DIY Installation of Security Systems has Increased Nearly 40% Since 2018 > More

New research reveals today's biggest application security challenges > More

Aid agency security is a disaster waiting to happen > More

Pandemic Pressures Reveal Significant Mobile Application Security Issues; Thousands of the Most Popular Apps Contain Common Vulnerabilities > More

Lockheed Martin removes contractors from Iraq base over security fears > More

Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack Points To Larger Security Concerns > More

Researchers design a graphene-based encrypted key for novel hardware security > More

What CISOs really want from security vendors > More

Security Vs. Convenience: Navigating the Mobile World > More

Microsoft and Darktrace Partner on Azure and AI Security Solutions > More

Biden on cyber security after 100 days: A good start, but now comes the hard part > More

Phishers Delivering Increasingly Convincing Lures > More

What Cybersecurity Can Learn From Video Games > More

Dell patches vulnerable driver > More

Security camera in Florida captures mysterious flying orbs of light > More

The Cybersecurity 202: Nearly two-thirds of cybersecurity experts think Biden's response to Russian hack is sufficient > More

Rethinking mobile security in a post-COVID workplace > More

Industrial Security: Not Just IT and OT, but Old OT and New OT > More

SolarWinds, Microsoft Hacks Prompt Focus on Zero-Trust Security > More

The cyber security mesh: how security paradigms are shifting > More Personal Security IS Enterprise Security > More

Allied Universal Acquires G4S plc; Creating A Global Integrated Security Services Leader > More

U.S. sanctions on Russia: Will they stop cybersecurity attacks? > More

Google Trumpets New Mobile App Security Standard > More

Growing reliance on third-party suppliers signals increasing security risks > More

Re-imagining The Cybersecurity Workforce > More

‘Consequences’ for Russia if Alexei Navalny dies, Joe Biden’s national security official warns > More

Verizon Mobile Security Index: COVID-19 unearths new cyber threats for businesses > More

Convergint Technologies buys electronic security business > More

Nearly all security professionals are struggling to secure IoT devices > More

Three vital security measures to protect your corporate network > More

Ex-national security officials call for commission to investigate Capitol attack > More

533 million Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online > More

Suspected Russian hackers gained access to US homeland security emails > More

Security breach: 8.2TB data up for sale on dark web > More

Blockstream Issues Security Token Tied to Bitcoin Hashrate, Payable in BTC > More

Pelosi picks DC National Guard chief to lead security in US House > More

AdaptiveMobile Security finds ‘fundamental vulnerability’ in 5G network slicing architecture > More

The pandemic-driven rush to cloud is compromising security > More

Microsoft Exchange Server attacks: 'They're being hacked faster than we can count', says security company > More

wiss Cyber Security Firm Says It Accessed Servers of a SolarWinds Hacking Group > More

6 Cloud Security Resources that You Should Be Using > More

Security and Cyber Resilience for IoT: Let’s Get Started > More

DoT directs all state procurements to be of local cyber security products > More

Industrial Cyber Security Market Size to Reach USD 19220 Million by 2026 at a CAGR 6.9% | Valuates Reports > More

How to reduce remote working cyber security attacks > More

Oldsmar, Florida Breach Sheds Light on Need for Industrial Cybersecurity > More

The cybersecurity risks associated with 5G networks and how to manage them > More

Why Data Privacy Should Be on President Biden's Agenda for His First 100 Days > More

Fake Google reCAPTCHA Phishing Attack Swipes Office 365 Passwords > More

FINRA Warns of Ongoing Phishing Attacks Targeting Brokerage Firms > More

McAfee Faces Decades Behind Bars After Fraud Indictment > More

Iranian Hackers Using Remote Utilities Software to Spy On Its Targets > More

FTC Busts $110m Charity Fraud Operation > More

DHS announces new measures to boost nation's cybersecurity > More

Capitol security officials blame poor intelligence — and each other — for the Jan. 6 riot > More

Security camera captures insanely close falling meteor > More

5 Security Lessons for the Post COVID19 Era > More

Emmanuel Macron pledges €1bn for cybersecurity after hospital ransomware attacks > More

The future of cybersecurity will be about ‘fighting fire with fire’ > More

Senate will hold a public inquiry into the security breaches in the Capitol riot > More

How Businesses Can Look To Prepare For The Long-term Cyber Security Impacts Of COVID-19 > More

This cybersecurity threat costs business millions. And it's the one they often forget about > More

The Adoption of Cybersecurity Insurance and its Role in the Modern World > More

Cyber Security Isn’t Expensive - It’s Priceless > More

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – AI, Quantum, and IoT Impacts on Cybersecurity > More

In Biden World, Economic Policy Is National Security Policy > More

Biden officials believe China to be 'greatest long-term national security threat' to the US > More

Top security technologies to protect remote workers > More

Google steps up its game on open-source security. "Our new tool makes open-source security bugs easier to spot" > More

3 Critical Data Security Strategies for 2021 > More

The IoT Security Risks and Benefits of IT Convergence > More

China Arrests Australian TV Anchor on National Security Charge > More

Security Experts on Anticipated Pandemic Impacts in 2021 > More

What will Biden's immigration overhaul mean for national security? > More

COVID-19 and the International Security Environment > More

Google says North Korean state hackers are targeting security researchers on social media > More

Hundreds of Industrial Organizations Received Sunburst Malware in SolarWinds Attack > More

Apple says iOS 14.4 fixes three security bugs ‘actively exploited’ by hackers > More

The Biden-Harris Administration Immediate Priorities > More

Better than the best password: How to use 2FA to improve your security > More

Biden Has a Peloton Bike. That Raises Security Issues at the White House > More

State of Residential Security 2021: Reasons for Optimism, New Opportunities & More > More

SolarWinds hack is quickly reshaping Congress’s cybersecurity agenda > More

Police Reassess Security for Inauguration and Demonstrations After Capitol Attack > More

Security Think Tank: Don’t bet on a new normal just yet! > More

Top 7 security mistakes when migrating to cloud-based apps > More

Biden picks cyber veteran to reinvigorate security response > More

COVID-19’s impact on healthcare’s security infrastructure in 2020 > More

How security failures enabled Trump mob to storm U.S. Capitol > More

Justice Department, federal court system hit by Russian hack > More

Countdown To 2021: Privacy & Data Security > More

Top 10 cyber security stories of 2020 > More

It’s the nightmare scenario that has worried cybersecurity experts for years > More

The Biden family put national security at risk > More

Phishers bypass Microsoft 365 security controls by spoofing > More

A better kind of cybersecurity strategy > More

FireEye hack: Cybersecurity firm says nation-state stole attacking tools > More

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021: Robot Overlords No, Connected Car Hacks Yes > More

Most Businesses Concerned About Cloud Security but Few Adopt Data Loss Prevention Measures > More

Former top US cybersecurity official ousted by Trump said there was 'no manipulation of the vote on the machine-count side > More

Cybersecurity In The New Normal: Good Enough Is No Longer Enough > More

Biden Will Nominate First Women to Lead Treasury and Intelligence, and First Latino to Run Homeland Security > More

New US IoT law aims to improve edge device security > More

Security Researchers Sound Alarm on Smart Doorbells > More

Is TikTok a harmless app or a threat to U.S. security? > More

Meet the hackers who earn millions for saving the web: How bug bounties are changing cybersecurity > More

Three Ways Your Company Can Avoid A Security Breach > More

Top 10 Cyber Security Trends to Watch out for in 2021 > More

Ransomware Group Turns to Facebook Ads > More

How Trump’s Refusal to Concede Affects Biden’s National Security Transition > More

Cisco Warns of Severe DoS Flaws in Network Security Software > More

SIA identifies top 10 security megatrends affecting the industry ahead of its Securing New Ground conference > More

Onslaught of Login (Brute Force) Attacks Shakes Enterprise IT Security > More

Sophisticated new Android malware marks the latest evolution of mobile ransomware > More

Microsoft disrupted Trickbot, a 'prolific' ransomware distributor and election security threat > More

Amazon Prime Day leads to spike in phishing attempts > More

Crypto Poses a Growing Threat to National Security, U.S. Says > More

Remote work can make a business tempting cyber prey. Here's what the experts recommend. > More

Current trends in Mac security threats > More

Booming Industries In 2020: Cybersecurity > More

Six cybersecurity threats the financial services sector faces > More

Current trends in Mac security threats > More

UK Spies Slam Huawei Security > More

61% of business don't apply basic password security techniques, here's how to > More

Cisco acquires PortShift to raise its game in DevOps and Kubernetes security > More

Out of date Huawei kit posed threat to UK telecoms security > More

After breach, Twitter hires a new cybersecurity chief > More

Sleepwalking into a Cybersecurity Nightmare? > More

Microsoft outage was not part of 'coordinated campaign' says cybersecurity agency > More

Crypto will never hit critical mass until cybersecurity improves > More

Google removes 17 apps from Play Store after cloud security firm cautions of malware causing WAP fraud > More

Linux Systems are Hackers' Next Targets > More

TikTok says it didn't take part in Australia security probes > More

Covid-19 has changed how we think about cyber security forever > More

Weaving Privacy And Security Into Cloud Migration Is Not Negotiable > More

Disinformation Spurs a Thriving Industry as U.S. Election Looms > More

Trump's agenda promises 'great cybersecurity.' What does that mean? > More

Microsoft says the pandemic has changed the future of cybersecurity in these five ways > More

Unrest In Belarus: A Threat To U.S. Security? > More

Former Uber Security Chief Charged With Concealing Hack > More

Instacart discloses security incident caused by two contractors > More

The Cloud's Looming Cybersecurity Headaches > More

Digital Onboarding: Why You May Want To Prioritize Security Over Speed > More

Don't Trust Facebook? Now You Have These Two Brilliant WhatsApp Alternatives > More

Is Amazon Alexa Safe? Cybersecurity Researchers Uncover Serious Privacy Issues > More

Twitter's Crypto Hacking Scandal: A Wake-Up Call for Security > More

Four Cybersecurity Tips Every Small Business Can Implement > More

The Cybersecurity 202: Zoom sued by consumer group for misrepresenting its encryption protections > More

Remote work leads to growing concerns over cybersecurity > More

Countless People Banned From Flying Over Face Mask Refusal > More

Residential Encryption Gains Traction > More

Intel and Canon are the latest to suffer a massive security breach > More

How to Be a Better Security Problem Solver > More

Coronavirus task force coordinator warns nine US cities > More

Twitter says Android security bug gave access to direct messages > More

Cybersecurity And Public Wi-Fi > More

Microsoft Joins Open Source Security Foundation > More

STANLEY Security Forms Strategic Partnership with Evolv Technology > More

Meetup Security Flaws Exposed 44 Million Members To Data Loss And Payment Threat > More

ADT shares soar 80% premarket on news of venture with Google to create smart home security product > More

Local Security Launches Product to Reduce COVID-19 Spread >  More

Google tightens Chrome's autofill security with biometric checks >  More

Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Show Weakness In Current IoT Security Paradigm >  More

The latest on the coronavirus pandemic >  More

Cybersecurity skills crisis is affecting 70 percent of organizations >  More

Cloud Access Risk Security Company Ermetic Raises $17 Million >  More

Global Firms Delayed Key Security Projects as Pandemic Struck >  More

Vacationing homeowner catches burglars with phone app security cameras >  More

10 things you need to know today: July 28, 2020 >  More

Twitter's Security Woes Included Broad Access to User Accounts >  More

Trade, technology and security at risk in US-China feud >  More

Apple Sued Over Alleged $1 Billion App Store And iTunes Card Scam >  More

Why You Should Stop Using Facebook Messenger >  More

With November Approaching, Election Officials Still Face Safety, Security Fears >  More

You own your cloud's security - so lock it down >  More

Cisco Network Security Flaw Leaks Sensitive Data >  More

Cybersecurity Lessons from the Pandemic >  More

What the Tech? Check Your Internet Security When Working from Home >  More

Popular Chinese-Made Drone Is Found to Have Security Weakness >  More

Apple's new security program gives special iPhone hardware, with restrictions attached >  More

Microsoft releases new encryption, data security enterprise tools >  More

Why e-mobility is the 'Wild West' of cyber security >  More

Cybersecurity basics more important than ever in the new normal of remote work says Salesforce Chief Trust Officer >  More

Microsoft Defender ATP for Android: This security software can help protect your devices and data >  More

ASIS announces education program for GSX+ >  More

Who's Behind Wednesday's Epic Twitter Hack? >  More

Government Promises IoT Security Enforcement Body >  More

Warning over security holes in fake Cisco kit >  More

IDEMIA Wins the Security Industry Association (SIA) Award for the Best New Biometric Product for Its VisionPass Advanced Facial Recognition Device >  More

Huawei, 5G networks and security: How did we end up here? >  More

Google Cloud steps up privacy, security with Confidential VMs and Assured Workloads >  More

Remote Work Is a Security Nightmare. How Do We Fix It? >  More

COVID-19 & Global Cybersecurity: Urgent Action Is Needed >  More

New security law rattles Hong Kong universities >  More

U.S. considers ban on TikTok, other Chinese apps for potential security threat >  More

Cymatic Wins Top Prize in the 2020 Fortress Cyber Security Awards >  More

Tackling the Privacy, Data Security, and Employment Issues Related to Returning to Work >  More

In Hong Kong, a Proxy Battle Over Internet Freedom Begins >  More

US sanctions make Huawei more of a security risk, says leaked UK report >  More

macOS Security Failure - Apple's 'fix' doesn't work >  More

7 points your security team needs to know about IPv6 (but probably doesn't) >  More

Apple, T-Mobile Face iPhone Data Security Class Action >  More

Hong Kong Activists Skirt Security Curbs With Coded Slogans and Blank Walls >  More

IFSEC Cancels 2020 Security Show >  More

U.S. Presses Europe to Uproot Chinese Security-Screening Company >  More

Effective Cybersecurity in Hospitals During #COVID19 and Beyond >  More

Microsoft Is Quietly Becoming a Cybersecurity Powerhouse >  More

IBM Security Study Finds Employees New to Working from Home Pose Security Risk >  More

Cybersecurity market grows but faces pressure amid shrinking IT budgets >  More

Forcepoint Makes the Case for the Future of Cloud-Powered Cybersecurity >  More

ConnectWise launches first global cyber security framework for MSPs >  More

Microsoft acquires CyberX to accelerate and secure customers' IoT deployments >  More

Cybersecurity Budgets: Will They Survive COVID-19? >  More

$4M Cybersecurity Hub Approved for Port of San Antonio >  More

Companies Name One of the Biggest Cybersecurity Threats: Their Employees >  More

Arlo Expands Its Smart Home Security Ecosystem With New Arlo Essential Spotlight Security Camera >  More

How To Fortify Your IT Security In Times Of Uncertainty - And Beyond >  More

Most security pros don't think governments can protect election infrastructure from cyberattacks >  More

Why Securing Endpoints Is The Future Of Cybersecurity >  More

Evanston Technology Partners & AppGuard Inc. launch Zero Trust Cybersecurity >  More

BAI Security - Best Security Solutions Provider of 2020 >  More

Apple hopes to bolster password security with open source project >  More

Huawei launches UK advertising blitz ahead of security review >  More

A 10-point plan to vet SaaS provider security >  More

Pandemic - The perfect storm for cyber and physical security attacks >  More

Covid-19: Data security is keeping IT pros awake at night >  More

How to Search for a Security Job During a Crisis >  More

5G Is Coming: What Are The Security Implications? >  More

Zoom planning stronger security for paying customers: report >  More

Cybersecurity: Half of employees admit they are cutting corners when working from home >  More

Cybersecurity: Half of employees admit they are cutting corners when working from home >  More

94% of Security Pros are Concerned About Cybersecurity After the COVID-19 Outbreak >  More

COVID-19 Exposes Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Security; ImageWare Systems and Cybersecurity Researcher Unite to Address Threats >  More

CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks Or Zscaler: Which Cyber Security Stock Should You Pick? >  More

Customized Android Builds Drive Global Security Inequality >  More

The Problem with Artificial Intelligence in Security >  More

Kenna Security Unveils New, Free Tool for Custom Benchmarking of Vulnerability Management Programs >  More

Samsung Elevates Data Protection for Mobile Devices with New Security Chip Solution >  More

NPC: China moves to impose controversial Hong Kong security law >  More

10 iOS Security Tips to Lock Down Your iPhone >  More

How to build a global health security movement >  More

Employment Security Commissioner said delaying claims is helping catch impostor fraud >  More

Google Strikes Back At Rivals With Chrome Security And Privacy Overhaul >  More

Coronavirus: Security flaws found in NHS contact-tracing app >  More

Flattening The Curve on Cybersecurity Risk After COVID-19 >  More

BlackBerry Bootcamp boosts university applied computing with cybersecurity program >  More

Remote work: 6 common misunderstandings about online security threats >  More

Zoom Settles with NY AG Over COVID-19-Related Privacy, Security Issues >  More

Intel Confirms Critical New Security Problem For Windows Users >  More

MobiFriends Data Breach Affects 3.68 Million Users >  More

Announcing the Launch of the RSA IoT Security Monitor >  More

Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Global Cyber Security Market >  More

McAfee Collaborates With Atlassian to Provide Advanced Security Capabilities in the Cloud >  More

CyberPeak Adds Automation to Managed Security Services >  More

Trump's grid security executive order will create vendor 'black list', complicate equipment sourcing >  More
7 Tips for Security Pros Patching in a Pandemic >  More

Google Drive iOS app update bumps up security with Face ID and Touch ID support >  More

Is This The Future Of Airport Anti-Virus Security? >  More

WhatsApp Suddenly Gets Powerful New Security Boost: Here's Why It Affects You >  More

Addressing Supply Chain Constraints and Security in a Time of Crisis >  More

SiteLock Expands Product Offering With New Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulation >  More

Google Confirms New Security Threat For 2 Billion Chrome Users >  More

Facebook restructures its security teams >  More

Why Videoconferencing Security Is Essential to Remote Learning >  More

Consumers benefit as video call vendors scramble to revamp security in a COVID-19 world >  More

Kenna Security Helps Enterprises Achieve Long-term Security with Risk-Based SLAs >  More

Almost half of security pros being redeployed during pandemic >  More

Important Data Security Steps To Take When Working Remote >  More

States Expand Internet Voting Experiments Amid Pandemic, Raising Security Fears >  More

PhantomLance spying campaign breaches Google Play security >  More

Pluribus, Dell Tackle IoT Video Security With SDN >  More

Zoom Upgrades Encryption Keys to What It Promised All Along >  More

Russian Hackers Went After San Francisco International Airport >  More

Zoom privacy and security issues: Here's everything that's wrong (so far) >  More

Rethinking International Security for a Post-Pandemic World >  More

New iPhone 12 Leak: Apple's Best Security Feature Just Got Even Better >  More

Google Brings BeyondCorp Zero-Trust Security to the Masses >  More

Trustwave Provides Cybersecurity Guidance, Assistance and Support During COVID-19 Pandemic >  More

Apps collecting data to help stop the virus spread must limit sharing of information, cybersecurity expert says >  More

COVID-19: Latest Security News & Commentary >  More

How to Cyber Security: Application security is critical for data security >  More

For Security Professionals, The Enemy Is No Longer At The Gate >  More

Remote security: 5 common myths about phishing scams >  More

MIT Solve rises to meet health security and pandemic challenge >  More

Schools ban Zoom citing security and privacy concerns >  More

Zoom CEO responds to security and privacy concerns: 'We had some missteps' >  More

COVID-19 Security Slogans >  More

A guide to password security during national lockdown >  More

Creating cyber security while working at home >  More

Google makes security compromise to keep Chrome running smoothly >  More

Security Think Tank: Why and how cyber criminals exploit world events >  More

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince Talks Internet Capacity and Security >  More

Hackers Take Advantage of Zoom's Popularity to Push Malware >  More

Marriott data breach exposes over 5 million people: Latest major security hack >  More

Should governments track your location to fight COVID-19? >  More

Cyber Security Today - A roundup of work from home online safety tips, and more >  More

Apple Confirms 30 Compelling Security Reasons To Install iOS 13.4 Right Now >  More

Are Zoom and Houseparty safe? How the privacy and security of video meeting apps compare >  More

White House Releases National Strategy for 5G Security >  More

Tokyo Olympics Postponed, But 5G Security Lessons Shine >  More

Chinese Hackers Exploit Cisco, Citrix Flaws in Massive Espionage Campaign >  More

Hijacked routers and attempted WHO hack highlight latest COVID-19 attacks >  More

The impact of COVID-19 on public networks and security >  More

Contribution of Blockchain to Cybersecurity >  More

Companies Offer Free Cybersecurity Support to Combat Threats Posed by COVID-19 >  More

Ransomware Groups Promise Not to Hit Hospitals Amid Pandemic >  More

Virtual security conferences fill void left by canceled face-to-face events >  More

Microsoft's Major New Browser Security Move Reveals Serious COVID-19 Impact >  More

Protecting Remote Workers From Cyber Threats >  More

Data Privacy and Security in the Travel Industry >  More

Ransomware Groups Promise Not to Hit Hospitals Amid Pandemic >  More

COVID-19 related threats, cybersecurity implications of working remotely >  More

Security Breach Disrupts Fintech Firm Finastra >  More

Report: 2020 will be transformational year for security >  More

Avoiding Security Vulnerabilities While Working At Home >  More

The Coronavirus is Already Taking Effect on Cyber Security - This is How CISOs Should Prepare >  More

COVID-19 brings new security challenges and new allies, says HackerOne CEO >  More

Russian cybercrime forums seen selling malware-sabotaged COVID-19 map >  More

A list of security conferences canceled or postponed due to coronavirus concerns >  More

Hackers are using coronavirus maps to infect your computer >  More

The Security Challenges of the Cloud >  More

Windows 10 Alert: Critical And Unpatched Security Threat Confirmed >  More

Cybersecurity Has A People Problem >  More

Two People Who Attended Cyber Event Contract Coronavirus >  More

Five reasons why COVID-19 will bolster the cyber-security industry >  More

T-Mobile Reveals Security Breach, Customers' Data Exposed >  More

A novel pandemic security is no match for a novel virus >  More

Intel CPU Security Alert For Millions Of Users As 'Unfixable' Crypto Flaw Revealed >  More

McAfee Acquires Browser Isolation Firm Light Point Security >  More

Security of Health Information >  More

Ethical hackers swarm Pentagon websites >  More

Six Unfolding Climate Scenarios That Keep Security Experts Up At Night (Including Pandemics) >  More

The Importance Of Security Architecture And Attack Surface Analysis >  More

Samsung Reveals Galaxy S20 Security Surprise >  More

WhatsApp Security: Is This Hidden Flaw A New Reason To Quit? >  More

Blockchain Storage Offers Security, but Leaves Data Transparent >  More

PayPal, passwords and Wi-Fi: 11 tips for better digital security >  More

Facebook sues data analytics firm OneAudience over malicious SDK >  More

Coronavirus Fears Evident as RSA Kicks Off in San Francisco >  More

10 steps to smarter Google account security >  More

McAfee acquires Light Point Security team to bring browser isolation tech to MVISION UCE >  More

Critical PayPal Security Hack: Multiple Thefts Now Reported-Check Your Settings >  More

The Future of Security: Ransomware Hits Pipeline Operator >  More

Climate change could pose 'catastrophic' security threat, experts warn >  More

Cybersecurity alliance launches first open source messaging framework for security tools >  More

6 steps to a secure Windows 10 device, because the security defaults aren't enough >  More

Reduce Cloud Security Complexity With Zero Touch Automation >  More

Mastercard opens European security resilience unit >  More

SaaS and DSaaS Vendors Combating Cyber Security and Data Privacy Challenges >  More

Forbes' Road To The Cloud - Architecture, Security And The Refactor >  More

Three API security risks in the wake of the Facebook breach >  More

How to Balance Online Security and Convenience >  More

White House Official Says Huawei Has Secret Back Door to Extract Data >  More

Government Report Says Census Bureau Is Behind On Staffing Up And Cybersecurity >  More

New Legislation Would Help Local Gov with Cybersecurity >  More

11 Best Security Conferences to Attend in 2020 >  More

Apple Watch Users Could Be About To Get This Awesome New Security Feature >  More

Cybersecurity Jobs Going Begging As College Computer Science Grads Lack Skills/Experience Says House Leader >  More

Deep Instinct nabs $43M for a deep-learning cybersecurity solution that can suss an attack before it happens >  More

AI, automation, and the cybersecurity skills gap >  More

To Break The Rules Of Cybersecurity, You Must Know The Rules Of Cybersecurity >  More

WhatsApp Bug Allows Malicious Code-Injection >  More

Facial-recognition tech questioned, defended at House committee hearing >  More

Airport Security Concern As 97% Of World's Top 100 Fail Cybersecurity Test >  More

Facebook Vows to Improve Security After Hack of 29 Million Users >  More

Best cheap home security in 2020 >  More

Cloud Companies Chase Future in Cybersecurity 'Wild West' >  More

US Space Industry to Launch Cybersecurity Portal >  More

IoT security: Your smart devices must have these three features to be secure >  More

Smaller Companies Need to Step Up Their Cyber Security Efforts >  More

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Concert Security Expert on What Las Vegas Tragedy Means for Live-Music Industry >  More

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Russian Hackers Arrested >  More

Securely Managing Employee Turnover >  More

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NSA Contractor Charged With Stealing Classified Hacking Secrets >  More

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Route1 Posts its Ninth Consecutive Quarter of Growth in Services Revenue and MobiKEY Subscribers >  More

ImageWare Launches Enterprise-Ready, Turn-Key Biometric Authentication SaaS for Mass Adoption on Amazon Web Service Cloud >  More

GTX Corp Signs Patent Licensing Agreement With Inventergy and Adds New IP Expert Advisor >  More

ImageWare Systems Publishes Latest Market Insights on Biometric User Authentication Featuring Gartner Research >  More

HP Inc. Unveils New High Performance Zero Client to Deliver World-Class Security >  More

Options Selects Fortinet to Deliver High-Performance Security at Scale to Global Financial Services Clients >  More

Twitter cuts off government access to data mining tools: Report >  More

Now Amazon is taking on YouTube with new Video Direct service >  More

CACI Contract to Continue Developing Electronic Warfare Technologies for U.S. Army >  More

ImageWare Systems Awarded Three Patents in the United States for Its Multi-Modal Biometric Platform >  More

FEMSA Selects ImageWare’s Cloud-Based Biometric Authentication to Validate Future Service >  More

Verizon selects Gemalto to migrate to next-generation technology >  More

65% of Americans traveling use mobile data to check in >  More

Lockheed Looks to Eliminate Northrop Grumman's Lead in Drones >  More

This is what happens on the Internet in 60 seconds >  More

Facebook and Gun Sales >  More

New Software Expands EMC Copy Data Management Portfolio, Modernizing Primary and Protection Storage Efficiency >  More

Identiv Launches Comprehensive UHF Tags for the Internet of Things Market >  More

FraudIQ™ Identity Score from Equifax Helps Combat Fraud >  More

ADT and Protection 1 Merge >  More

Amazon to Help European Vendors Sell Goods Across Borders >  More

Master Lock Offers Security Solutions for Senior Citizens >  More

Fortinet Adaptive Cybersecurity From IoT to Cloud Networks >  More

Frost & Sullivan Applauds RSA for Excellence in its Network Security Forensics Product >  More

Friendly Fire: Killing Russian Rocket Engines Too Soon Could Cripple U.S. Security >  More

Capgemini Joins Forces with FICO to Offer Risk and Fraud Expertise in Financial Services >  More

AT&T and SunPower Collaborate on Solar IoT Connectivity in the United States >  More

India orders panic button on mobile phones amid women's safety fears >  More

AT&T and Otis Collaborate on IoT Solutions >  More

SmartSoles address the “needs” market, which comprises of persons with Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia, and traumatic brain injury, all of which have high tendencies to wander >  More

Google warns of security threat on its own website >  More

Detecting and Neutralizing Terrorist Plots in Europe Requires Greater Integration of Intel and Police Agencies >  More

Amazon's AWS Completes An Automated Security Assessment Service >  More

Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Smartphone >  More

Route1 Provides Q1 2016 Operations Update >  More

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Here's how to avoid the worst seat on the plane >  More

Tyco's in-mask thermal intelligence system for the firefighting industry >  More

Recognizing the Signs of Sex Trafficking in the Hospitality Industry >  More

CA Technologies Helps Leading UK Financial Institution Secure Online Transactions >  More

Cisco Targets Cybersecurity For Productivity, Not Just Defense >  More

75% of websites at risk of malware: Study >  More

Oracle Delivers Complete Cloud Solution to Help Pharma Companies Improve Drug Safety >  More

Raytheon wants to be the Apple of defense contracting >  More

How to protect your data and avoid being hacked >  More

Route1 reports eighth consecutive quarter of growth >  More

Nortek Security and Partner On Security Automation >  More

Gemalto selected by National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia >  More

US Army Raytheon contract for next-gen infrared night vision >  More

Every WhatsApp message is now so secure that law enforcement can't read it >  More

Qolsys Partners with Monitronics On Security and Smarthome >  More

FIDO Alliance Announces Over 150 Biometric and Second-Factor Authentication Products Now Certified >  More

Apple Encryption Case: FBI Cracks Shooter's iPhone >  More

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Raytheon Wins Canadian Navy Deal for Remote Weapons >  More

Google will pay you $100,000 if you can hack a Chromebook >  More

Cybersecurity Taken Too Lightly By U.K. Companies says WSJ >  More

Facebook (FB) to Reportedly Increase Data Encryption >  More

New Backup and Recovery as a Service (BaaS) Offering From Commvault, Hitachi Data Systems Forsythe >  More

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American Science and Engineering Debuts Three Advanced Security Screening Systems in the Middle East >  More

ImageWare Systems and Aruba Deliver Biometric Security for Enhanced Network and App Defense >  More

Gemalto chosen to deliver ambitious new eID program in Jordan >  More

Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Intel War Over $500 Billion Cloud Market >  More

ACI Worldwide eCommerce Fraud Detection and Prevention >  More

Amazon New Smart-Home Devices >  More

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Verizon Agrees to Pay $1.4 Million Fine for Tracking You Without Permission >  More

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Google self-driving car hits public bus near Mountain View headquarters >  More

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Fortinet and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Offer Innovative Security Bundle >  More

Check Point Simplifying Complexity of Security Through Consolidation >  More

Hexis Cyber Solutions Enhances HawkEye G Integrated Detection >  More

EMC Unveils DSSD D5: A Quantum Leap In Flash Storage >  More

IBM Security To Expand Incident Response Capabilities >  More

Apple Handed Early Win in Hacking Case With Judge's Ruling in New York >  More

AT&T To Connect WellNest Mobile Health And Wellness Wearable >  More

Akamai Advances Kona Site Defender >  More

Qualys Unveils ThreatPROTECT to Empower Organizations With Actionable Threat Intelligence >  More

U.S. sought data from 15 Apple iPhones in last four months >  More

Amazon Web Services takes aim at big U.S. banks >  More

Gates speaks out about Apple, FBI battle: Government must strike a balance >  More

Verizon and Splunk Join Forces to Advance Threat Detection for Enterprises >  More

Thermo Fisher To Offer Anti-Zika Virus Test Kits, Notes First Tests Available In US >  More

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Fortinet Earns Third-Party Certification in Virus Bulletin Web Security Testing >  More

For many around the world, the internet simply doesn’t speak their language >  More

Zwipe and Fingerprint Cards Announce Partnership >  More

Siemens and IBM team on next generation of cloud-based building energy management solutions >  More

TRC Selected by PennDOT to Provide Construction Inspection Services Statewide >  More

AT&T says has edge in 5G due to expanded Internet access >  More

ADT To Be Acquired By Apollo Global >  More

As Email Fraud Diversifies, DMARC Protects Employees and Consumers >  More

Connected Buses Keep Kids Safer (and Save Money) >  More

Equifax Launches FraudIQ™ Suite for Comprehensive Business Fraud Detection and Prevention >  More

NICE Actimize Selected by KeyBank for Enterprise Fraud Solutions >  More

IBM Unveils New Mainframe for Encrypted Hybrid Clouds >  More

General Dynamics to Help Secure German Bundeswehr's IT Networks >  More

Defense Spending Set to Grow >  More

EMC and VMware Introduce Hyper-Converged VCE VxRail Appliance Family >  More

Extenua and American Cyber Form Strategic Alliance. Strong encryption with ImageWare biometric authentication software provides expanded Cyber security service offerings and data protection to clients. >  More

What Is Wearable Technology and Who Dominates? >  More

Qualcomm Gains A Big Ally In Its Data Center Attack On Intel >  More

Are Zika Virus Fears Being Blown Out of Proportion? >  More

Data Suggests People Don't Tweet as Much as They Used To >  More

Women Fire Up the Next Round of Gun Sales >  More

EMC Leads the Market in the Total Disk Storage System Space >  More

Raytheon to complete modernization of air traffic control system >  More

Biggest hijacking threat Americans face today >  More

Pentagon Finds The Best Offense Is A Good Air-Defense Missile >  More

Biggest hijacking threat Americans face today >  More

U.S. defense budget focuses on changing security environment >  More

Microsoft to Build First Underwater Server Pod >  More

SAIC unveils newest amphibious vehicle >  More

BIO-key and Microsoft Report Strong Response to Windows 10 and Windows Hello Biometric Solutions >  More

Navy Awards CGI Command Center Contract >  More

Guidance Software Unveils New Data Risk, Privacy and Protection Solution >  More

Navy Awards CGI Role on $809M Naval Supply Systems Command Business Systems Center IDIQ Contract >  More

FireEye buys fellow cybersecurity firm Invotas >  More

AT&T Is 3 Steps Closer to Seizing the $1.7 Trillion Smart City Opportunity >  More

The fourth quarter was another good quarter for Route1 >  More

This is how Google drones will deliver your packages >  More

IBM Bets Big on Video Streaming >  More

Hacking deal in dispute as government tries to control dangerous software >  More

Marsh Launches New Global Excess Cyber Risk Facility >  More

Oracle Introduces New Cloud Services for Hotels and Casinos >  More

Walmart Makes It Easier To Switch Clouds With OneOps >  More

Lockheed Martin to Separate and Combine IT and Technical Services Businesses with Leidos >  More

Global study shows increasing security risks to payment data and lack of confidence in securing mobile payment methods >  More

Johnson Controls and Tyco to Merge >  More

Android security: Samsung plugs six OS and seven Galaxy-specific bugs >  More

Synaptics 'IronVeil' Brings Biometric Security To The Desktop PC >  More

Verint and Squiz Announce Partnership to Further Enable Digital Transformation for Government >  More

Critical Yahoo email flaw patched through bug bounty program >  More

TASER Announces Numerous Weapons Orders >  More

Could Cybersecurity Pay Dividends For Raytheon? >  More

Twitter disruption silences swaths of US, Europe for hours >  More

‘Fintech’ Threat Has Big Banks Rushing to Innovate >  More

Unisys to Deliver Enterprise Security Innovation on the AWS Cloud >  More

Amazon exec: Our drones will deliver in 30 minutes or less >  More

Check Point Takes on Car Hackers >  More

New Encryption Solution from Ciena Decreases Data Breach Risks >  More

Alibaba Teams With Nvidia in $1 Billion Bet on Cloud Computing >  More

Leidos government IT business >  More

Route1 Receives ATO for MobiKEY from the U.S. Department of the Interior >  More

Google reveals the number of tech glitches in self-driving cars >  More

North America's underground cybercrime economy: Business is booming >  More

AT&T to help FCC move to the cloud >  More

Your refrigerator will soon be able to re-stock itself >  More

Trend Micro password manager had execution holes >  More

Gemalto's secure polycarbonate driver's license >  More

Apple, Alphabet, Facebook Eye New EU Privacy Law >  More

CACI to Support Army's Intelligence Dissemination System >  More

Bio-Rad Joins Food Safety Consortium With IBM and Mars >  More

GS1 US and Digimarc Announce Collaboration to Advance Product ID >  More

Microsemi Introduces Security-Hardened Platform >  More

2015's Biggest Data Breaches >  More

Obama outlines new measures for firearms industry >  More

Unisys Helps Department of the Interior to Move Financial Management to the Cloud >  More

New York City to swap out payphones for free high-speed Wi-Fi hot spots >  More

HARMAN Launches Connected Car Compute Platform for Advanced, Holistic Vehicle Intelligence at CES 2016 >  More

The doctor can see you now: The surgeons using Google Glass in the operating theatre >  More

AT&T Provides Valuable Insights For Businesses Looking To Tap Into The Power Of The Internet Of Things >  More

Magal Receives Homeland Security Orders Totaling $8.4 Million >  More

China asks Microsoft to explain 'major problems' with data in probe >  More

Introducing the Updated tactix(r) Bravo: A Tactical-Minded Multisport GPS Watch with Connected Features >  More

Nissan's Leaf, Infiniti models to have remote access feature >  More

Nortek Security & Control Introduces Integrated Proactive Wellness Solution >  More

Get To Know Your Home And Health Better With The Honeywell Family Of Connected Products At CES 2016 >  More

Amazon launches WorkMail to compete with Microsoft Outlook >  More

Cybersecurity Stocks: Where to Secure Your Profits In 2016 >  More

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have agreed to apply Germany’s strict anti-hate speech law online >  More

AT&T Sees Phenomenal Momentum In IoT >  More

Police Arrest Man In Hack of 6.4 Million Kids’ Toys >  More

3M Addresses Need for Stronger Visual Privacy in Healthcare and Finance >  More

Atmel Launches High-Performance Debugging Tool >  More

Barracuda Introduces New Cloud Archiving Service >  More

FireEye Forges Strategic Alliance With Ingram Micro to Deliver Advanced Threat Protection >  More

What You Need to Know About Investing in Cybersecurity >  More

Applied DNA Sciences Reports Fourth Consecutive Quarter of Record Revenues >  More

Guns Are Probably on a Lot of Christmas Lists This Year >  More

Google's super-fast Internet service could come to Los Angeles >  More

Google's super-fast Internet service could come to Los Angeles >  More

IBM Security Launches App Exchange to Further Industry Collaboration against Cybercrime >  More

Symantec to say goodbye to passwords with biometric technology >  More

CACI Agrees To Buy L-3 Security Business >  More

Gemalto enables strong authentication on any device via Bluetooth® Smart technology >  More

GP Strategies Awarded Contract With the US Department of Defense >  More

The big data technology behind online threat detection at Symantec >  More

TASER (TASR) Wins Order for 3,148 Axon Body 2 Cameras >  More

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A Closer Look at Space Debris: Lockheed Martin >  More

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CybeRisk(TM) Announces Go-To-Market Partnership With RiskLens to Launch Complementary Advisory Services >  More

Verint Expands Global Customer Conference to Security Professionals >  More

Unisys Selected to Provide Cybersecurity Services to Empresas Publicas de Medellin in Colombia >  More

French Counterattack Lifts Defense Stocks >  More

Facebook is using 'experimental' technology from Raytheon >  More

Garmin(r) Increases Mission Effectiveness for the U.S. Air Force >  More

ViaSat Launches High-Speed Ethernet Encryption >  More

Finjan Signs Licensing Agreement With Avast Software >  More

HP Brings New Smart Accessories to Life >  More

Diebold uses live video collaboration solution from Verizon >  More

Facebook expands Safety Check after Paris attacks >  More

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Dissecting AT&T’s Mobility Business >  More

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Prosecutors Announce More Charges in Hacking of JPMorgan Chase >  More

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Trend Micro and VCE Expand Strategic Alliance to Offer Easy and Seamless Solution to Secure Hybrid Cloud >  More

Facebook says government requests for data rose in first half of 2015 >  More

General Dynamics & NASA's New Command and Control Infrastructure >  More

Apple says against opening encrypted data for Britain >  More

CDW Partners With ImageWare Systems to Bring Biometric Authentication to CDW Clients >  More

New Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks Combine Security Expertise With Mobile Device Technology That Turns Smartphones Into Keys >  More

Cisco Extends Security Everywhere With Broader Visibility, Control, and Protection for Shadow IT, Endpoints, and the Cloud >  More

Washington MTA Selects BlackBerry for Business Continuity and Crisis Communication >  More

FIDO Alliance Announces 72 Certified Authentication Products Are Now Available >  More

BIO-key Exclusive Biometric Partner; Ignite Your Business With Windows 10 and Office 2016 >  More

Gemalto launches multi-city ticketing solution for mobile phones >  More

Certified Safety Software Libraries Available for Atmel | SMART MCUs >  More

Fujitsu Launches GLOVIA OM V10, a Cloud-Based Mission-Critical Business Application to Cut Inventory and Lead-Time >  More

AT&T Government Solutions Wins Contract To Mobilize The Census Bureau >  More

Rackspace Survey Uncovers Massive Disconnect Between CMOs and CIOs >  More

Google wants to make sure you never lose your phone again >  More

Morpho Awarded DOHS Contract Trace Detectors >  More

Akamai Warns of 3 New Reflection DDoS Attack Vectors >  More

Panda Security and CYREN Expand Partnership >  More

NTT Communications Selects FortiWeb-VM to Secure Its Cloud Based Services >  More

Brocade Joins Intel(R) Security Innovation Alliance >  More

Digimarc Delivers Barcode Scanning for Smartphones >  More

Verizon doubles the size of Secure Cloud Interconnect footprint in Asia-Pacific >  More

Trend Micro Joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance >  More

Federal cybersecurity spending booming as military's need to 'cyber-harden' grows >  More

Gemalto delivers IoT smart data to emergency responders >  More

Diebold Software Innovation Slashes Fraud Exposure >  More

Apple and Dropbox voice opposition to cybersecurity legislation >  More

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NICE Showcases New Digital Policing Solution >  More

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” >  More

Taser and Motorola Body Cam News >  More

Dell/EMC deal is a ‘wake-up call’ for big tech >  More

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Which Defense Contractor Will Buy Lockheed Martin's Government IT Business? >  More

Gemalto protects against Card-Not-Present fraud >  More

HP Extends Global Threat Intelligence Sharing With Hitachi >  More

Big Data Is Crucial to Agency Missions - Unisys Survey Shows >  More

DHS leads federal cybersecurity efforts >  More

US group: Put Alibaba site back on "notorious" fakes list >  More

Morpho Supplies 160 Itemiser 4DX Trace Detectors to Airports in Germany >  More

Proofpoint Email Defense and Automated Email Encryption >  More

New Threat Report - Need For Safe Enablement Of SaaS Applications >  More

LoJack Construction Equipment Theft & Recovery Report >  More

CA Study - Widespread Adoption of Digital Transformation >  More

Germany Joins FIDO Alliance for Adoption of Stronger Authentication >  More

Fasken Martineau Turns to MobiKEY to Deliver Secure Mobile Access >  More

Raytheon (RTN) Wins Billion-Dollar Homeland Security Deal >  More

Deutsche Bank and Cisco on Next Generation Security >  More

Hitachi says it can predict crimes before they happen >  More

Verizon's Secure Cloud Interconnect Service >  More

Unisys Appoints Retired Army Brig. Gen. Frederick A. Henry to Lead Defense Information Systems Agency Business >  More

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Imperva Hacker Intelligence Initiative Report >  More

Water Found on Mars -- 5 Companies that Can Benefit >  More

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AT&T and Verizon spent $47 million prepping their networks for Pope Francis >  More

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Honeywell Recognized For its Critical Safety Technologies >  More

The Xcode Breach >  More

Infoblox Bridges the Gap Between Network Security and User Identity >  More

Apple's iOS App Store suffers first major attack >  More

CSI’s Tokenization Capabilities Support Android Pay™ Participation >  More

Aware Software Used By Digital Security Leader In Brazil To Offer Cloud-Based Biometric Services >  More

AT&T files lawsuit against former employees for installing malware, illegally unlocking phones >  More

Exar Targets Video Surveillance with High Resolution DVR Solution >  More

Unisys Launches Advanced Enterprise Threat Protection >  More

Internet and IT groups summoned by May to back surveillance laws >  More

Cisco routers have major vulnerability: Protect your enterprise from SYNful Knock >  More

Cainiao and US Postal Service to Increase Cross-Border Logistics Services >  More

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Let's Encrypt' project issues its first free certificate >  More

How a fake business amassed an amazing online rep >  More

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NICE to Supply Philadelphia PD with Expanded 9-1-1 Call Recording and Incident Management Capacity for Pope Francis Visit >  More

Raytheon, US Navy demonstrate new electronic attack architecture using MALD-J aerial jammer >  More

Akamai Releases Findings of Increased Attacks and More Aggressive Tactics from DD4BC Extortionist Group >  More

CAE wins defence contracts valued at more than C$120 million >  More

NEC and Telenor Group Sign a Global Framework Agreement to Deliver End-to-End Transport Network Solutions >  More

Port of Houston Authority Selects AtHoc Networked Crisis Communication >  More

Diebold Adds New High-Performance ATMs To Latest Self-Service Platform >  More

Is There Any Difference Between Apple And Doctor Who? >  More

Toyota Invests $50 Million In Artificial Intelligence Research For Vehicle Robotics >  More

Awards recognize CGI as top tech integrator in government >  More

Versar, Inc. Announces Agreement To Acquire Federal Security Integration Business From Johnson Controls >  More

The Microsoft engine that predicts NFL games is back — here are its picks for Week 1 >  More

Finnair Uses IBM Industry Expertise, Cloud and Services to Drive Digital Transformation, Support Expansion >  More

Digital Ally Receives Order for 100 DVM-250 Event Recorder Systems and Three Years of FleetVu Cloud Services From Palm Beach Yellow Cab >  More

Samsung connected home fridge becomes weapon in MITM attacks >  More

WD And Milestone Partner To Provide Video Surveillance Solutions For Businesses And Consumers >  More

Oracle Service Cloud Granted U.S. Department of Defense Authority to Operate >  More

US Army Common Infrared Countermeasure (CIRCM) Contract to Northrop Grumman Land & Self Protection Systems >  More

Gemalto boosts connectivity for IoT >  More

TSA Deploys AtHoc Across 200 Airports Nationwide for Emergency Alerting >  More

Akamai eyes growth in security and startups >  More

Elbit Systems Cyber unit receives new contracts from European and African Customers >  More

Majority of Children in the U.S. Have Their Own Connected Device Before Seventh Grade >  More

Verizon Is Turning Any Car Into A Connected Car With Hum >  More

Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform Enables Organizations to Achieve Greater ROI for Mission-Critical Applications >  More

Raytheon to provide training services to U.S. Air Force >  More

Microsoft's MobileFusion app turns an iPhone into a portable 3D scanner >  More

Security researcher who hacked moving Jeep leaves Twitter >  More

Wichita Police Department Deploys 429 Axon Flex Cameras with from TASER >  More

It's A Verizon World, We Just Live In It >  More

Digital Ally Receives Body Camera, In-Car Video and VuLink Order From Ferguson, Missouri Police Department >  More

?Biometrics: The password you cannot change >  More

Gemalto: Marquis ID Systems technology to safeguard U.S. driver licenses >  More

Identiv Partners With Chronicled, Inc. in Rapidly Growing Wearables IoT Market >  More

CGI wins Army Intelligence contract >  More

Intralinks and Premiership Rugby tackle document protection >  More

Identiv Enters Distribution Partnership With PSA Security Network >  More

AT&T making it even harder for you to protect your privacy >  More

5 Reasons Not To Buy An iPhone As Your Business Phone >  More

Pump-and-dump frauds are turning to Twitter, and these companies are out to spot them >  More

Fortinet Unveils Mid-Range Security Solution >  More

Applied DNA Sciences Signs Contract With Fifth Federal Agency >  More

CA Technologies Completes Acquisition of Xceedium >  More

Digital Ally Awarded Statewide Contract Extension With State of Michigan >  More

FireEye, Europol tag team on cybercrime detection >  More

Twitter sees its largest increase from governments wanting account information >  More

FIDO Alliance Announces 62 Authentication Products Are Now FIDO(R) Certified >  More

Identiv Announces U.S. Government Certification of uTrust TS ScramblePad Government Reader >  More

Business Wire Investigating Cyberattack >  More

Over Half of Android Devices Hit by Remote Control Bug >  More

National Survey Finds Nearly 90% of People Use Work Devices without Trusted Security Software >  More

Trend Micro Delivers Seamless Security for Businesses Migrating to Microsoft Windows 10 >  More

Mozilla Patches Bug Used in Active Attacks >  More

Want to be totally secure on the Internet? Good luck! >  More

UK Local Authorities in Data Protection Fail >  More

How Hackers Tore Apart A Tesla Model S To Kill The Car Mid-Drive >  More

Leading Analyst Firm Data Identifies Fortinet as Security Market Leader >  More

MorphoTrak Leads With Face Comparison Training >  More

Trend Micro Discusses Threats against Banking and Infrastructure >  More

Emergent BioSolutions Expands Biodefense Business >  More

Elbit to Supply DIRCM Self-Protection Systems for European and Asian Customers >  More

Car hacking risk may be broader than Fiat Chrysler >  More

How to protect your wireless network >  More

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Android's Security Nightmare >  More

Alibaba Secures Data Centers With Quantum Research Lab >  More

ManTech to Provide IT Modernization for Defense Intelligence Agency >  More

Oracle Integrates Mobile Security Into Identity and Access Management Platform >  More

Imperva Skyfence and Raytheon|Websense Team to Help Organizations Secure Cloud >  More

Neglect Is Still The Biggest Threat To Data Security >  More

Major Android security flaw leaves 950 million phones vulnerable >  More

Apple, Google Self-Serve Home Security Takes On ADT >  More

NIST cybersecurity center proposes best practices >  More

Musk, Hawking warn of artificial intelligence weapons >  More

CACI to Provide Forensics Support to U.S. Army >  More

Infoblox DNS Threat Index Hits Record High Due to Surge in Phishing Attacks >  More

Twitter hoax latest trick to be played on Wall Street >  More

Verint Identity Authentication Helps Protect Customers, Reduce Customer Effort and Enhance Experiences >  More

ImageWare Systems Announces License Agreement With Lockheed Martin >  More

TeleCommunication Systems Interoperability Lab Drives Text-to-911 Deployment for Public Safety >  More

Samsung pushes forward in mobility with Internet of Things >  More

Google leads $100 million investment in cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike >  More

Independent Research Firm Cites Websense® as a Leader in SaaS Web Content Security >  More

Check Point Teams With VMware to Offer Advanced Security Within the Software-Defined Data Center >  More

Barracuda Introduces the First Web Application Firewall for Microsoft Azure App Service >  More

IBM, Intel, Raytheon Aim At Burgeoning Security Field >  More

PTC Announces PTC Integrity Product Family for the Internet of Things >  More

NYSE resumes trading after nearly 4-hour halt - Software Update or Breach? >  More

Morpho Awarded Mexico Airports Contract for Hold Baggage Explosives Detection Systems >  More

Will Privacy Issues Ruin Facebook's Business Model? >  More

FLIR Systems Secures US Homeland Security Deal >  More

Raytheon delivers operational border security capability to Jordan under DTRA contract >  More

FireEye Combines Industry Leading Email Protection With Threat Intelligence >  More

ImageWare Systems and Bring Biometric Authentication to the Online Marketplace >  More

NTT Docomo selects Gemalto for IoT applications in Japan >  More

Cloud IT infrastructure spending to reach $33.4 billion in 2015: IDC >  More

FIDO Alliance Equips U2F Protocol for Mobile and Wireless Applications >  More

All About The Gun Business In America >  More

Edwards to Expand FireWorks® Control System to Offer Enhanced Multi-Functional Incident Management Platform >  More

US data hack may be 4 times larger than the government originally said >  More

Chinese Cyber Attack on OPM Goes Unpunished >  More

Facebook’s Facial Recognition >  More

AT&T Certifies MiFi(R) Secure SA 1100 IoT Solution for Home Security >  More

OSI Systems Receives $9 Million in Orders from International Customers for Cargo Inspection >  More

Websense® Security Labs Reveals Top Cyber Threat Trends in 2015 Financial Services Drill-Down Report >  More

Google adds Undo Send as default setting to Gmail >  More

If BlackBerry Adopts Android, Its Security Standards Could Suffer >  More

Self-Driving Cars Create Opportunities and Problems >  More

Belgium Takes Facebook to Court Over Privacy, User Tracking >  More

SaaS App Adoption Creates New Blind Spots for Data Leakage in the Enterprise >  More

AT&T Leads The Industry In The Internet Of Things >  More

Kaspersky says Iran talks spyware masqueraded under Foxconn name >  More

New Security Findings--Apple Isn't Immune And Fixing Takes Too Long >  More

Privacy groups and the dispute over facial recognition software >  More

Honeywell's Security Subsidiary >  More

Orange Business Services and Gemalto join forces to provide customers with highly secure access to cloud-based applications >  More

Millennials' banking habits could make Wall Street obsolete >  More

Google info stop syncing to iPad? Try this simple fix >  More

Experts Point to Chinese in U.S. and Insurance Cyberattacks >  More

Siemens Security Products now part of Vanderbilt >  More

Data Breach Linked to China Exposes Millions of U.S. Workers >  More

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I.D. Systems' announces that Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas has purchased its PowerFleet Vehicle Management System >  More

Biz-Gov cybersecurity collaboration >  More

Cyber Security in Focus After Taxpayer Accounts Breached >  More

Fingerprint Cards and Google >  More

Rise of ad blocking threatens publishers >  More

Level 3 Experiments with Cybersecurity Offense >  More

Newest metric for retailers: Social media followers >  More

How Big Data And The Internet Of Things Improve Public Transport In London >  More

Radware’s ADC Solution Helps China Railway Build Next Generation e-Ticketing System >  More

Air Cargo Carriers Becoming Data-Driven Businesses >  More

oti NFC Readers Support Android Pay(TM) >  More

Pentagon Awards $400 Million in Defense Contracts >  More

Invest In Cyber Security With These Stocks >  More

Numerex Launches nxFAST iIoT Platform for Rapid Deployment of Enterprise-Class Industrial Internet of Things Solutions >  More

How AT&T Is Virtualizing Security >  More

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Alibaba Accused of Selling Fake Items >  More

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Black box sent to U.S. to seek crash clues >  More

Google fires first volley in new cloud pricing war >  More

Amazon's riding the New York subway to speed up deliveries >  More

Fortinet Agreement With U.S. Department of Homeland Security >  More

Thank you Apple and Samsung: The physical home button is essential for efficiency and security >  More

PFU Systems and FireEye Integrate Products to Deliver Next Generation Enterprise-Level Defense Against Network Cyber Attacks >  More

Zebra Technologies Introduces Mobility DNA Suite for Next Gen Intelligent Connectivity >  More

Self-driving cars are getting into accidents in California >  More

Alibaba rolls out three-hour delivery service for healthcare goods >  More

Garmin's running watch finally tracks your heart rate by itself >  More

State of Louisiana renews contract with CGI for IT services for disaster relief programs >  More

Verizon to Buy AOL for $4.4 Billion >  More

New Ecolab Total Hand Hygiene System Improves Handwashing Compliance, Decreases Water Use by up to 50 Percent >  More

Finding Survivors in Nepal With Google's ‘Person Finder’ >  More

China could become Apple's top market by next year >  More

OSI Systems Receives Certification for RTT® 80 Explosive Detection System >  More

Big Data-As-A-Service Is Next Big Thing >  More

General Dynamics Completes Initial Integration of NASA's New SGSS Command and Control Infrastructure >  More

Accenture and Oracle Form New Business Group to Help Customers Achieve Digital Transformation Goals in the Cloud >  More

New Research Reveals Wide Gap Between Perception and Reality of Perimeter Security Effectiveness >  More

Check Point Ranked Number One in Worldwide Firewall Equipment Market >  More

Smith & Wesson Sees Higher Demand >  More

Robots in the defense space >  More

3M Introduces Advanced Physician Documentation Platform >  More

Morpho Fingerprint Identification Technology First in 1-1 Verification >  More

General Dynamics says still focused on government cybersecurity business >  More

User mistakes aid most cyber attacks, Verizon and Symantec studies show >  More

Honeywell Technology Enables Next Generation Of Search And Rescue >  More

Cubic Global Defense Awarded Contract >  More

Identiv and Cisco to Provide Next-Generation Physical Access Solutions for the Internet of Everything >  More

Big Data, IoT At Heart Of GE Predictive Analytics >  More

Google search 'Find My Phone' to locate your missing Android >  More

AMAG Technology Unveils Complete Suite of Video Solutions >  More

NICE Actimize to Support Singapore's DBS Bank Financial Crime Strategy with Upgraded Anti-Money Laundering and Enterprise Case Management Solutions >  More

Coop Bank Denmark first to deploy Gemalto's unique bio-sourced contactless EMV cards >  More

General Dynamics' New High-speed, Cyber-defense Capable TACLANE-10G Encryptor Now NSA Certified >  More

Why IBM Entered into a Data Analytics Partnership with Twitter >  More

Oracle’s Cloud Strategy Is Different from Its Peers >  More

Cyber Insurance Capacity is 'Very Small': AIG CEO >  More

BIO-key Enters Into Global ASL Agreement With Avnet >  More

Clinton also used iPad for email; mixed personal, work chats >  More

IBM Plans to Invest Billions in the Cloud and Analytics Space >  More

Check Point Researchers Discover Global Cyber Espionage Campaign With Possible Link to Lebanese Political Group >  More

Raytheon And Estonian Ministry Of Defense To Collaborate On Cyber Security >  More

Unisys Obtains ISO/IEC 20000 Certification for Best Practices Related to IRS Enterprise Storage Services Contract >  More

Trend Micro, Ponemon Global Study Reveals Privacy is a Concern, but Consumers Remain Undeterred >  More

FIDO Alliance Members MedImpact and Nok Nok Labs to Deliver FIDO Authentication to Physicians, an Industry First for Healthcare >  More

Northrop Grumman Laser Mine Detection System >  More

Cybersecurity Firms Are Ready To Fight For Government Contracts >  More

1 in 4 U.S. Banks Now Use ZixCorp’s Email Encryption >  More

ACI Worldwide Powers Online Banking for Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union >  More

Pitney Bowes Renews Global Strategic Alliance With HP >  More

China Telecom selects Gemalto to deploy mobile NFC transport in China's two largest cities >  More

Emergent BioSolutions Awarded $31 Million Contract for Advanced Development of NuThrax, a Next Generation Anthrax Vaccine >  More

Gemalto solution powers a unified national registry for Oman's identity documents >  More

Extenua and ImageWare Deliver Revolutionary Enterprise Secure Cloud Storage >  More

HP security platform earns FedRAMP approval. >  More

Identiv Partners With 3M to Expand Physical Access Market by Sharing Products and Technology >  More

Apple Pay supported by 2,500 banks as fraud concerns linger >  More

Identiv Launches uTrust Sense and Smart Sensor That Tracks the Temperature of Anything >  More

Check Point Introduces Threat Extraction for Zero Malware in Zero Seconds >  More

CA Technologies and Tech Mahindra Announce Agreement to offer Enterprise Solutions to Help Manage and Secure the Internet of Things >  More

HP Anti-Fraud + Innovation Printing Technology >  More

Does Lockheed Martin’s future lie in the cybersecurity business? >  More

Google, Facebook update contrasting plans to connect world >  More

Equifax Top-10 Tips to Protect Personal Data >  More

BAE Systems Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures system has been approved for export by DoD >  More

H-P to Buy Aruba Networks for $2.7 Billion >  More

Oracle's New Ethernet Switches and Virtual Network Services Target Software-Defined Data Centers and Cloud >  More

Lockheed Martin Awarded Contracts To Support U.S. Navy Cross Domain Intelligence Sharing Solution >  More

OneWeb Selects Honeywell As A Key Partner In Game-Changing Effort To Bring High-Speed Internet To Billions Worldwide >  More

Gartner Ranks Check Point Number One for Worldwide Firewall Equipment Market Share, Based on Q3 2014 Revenue >  More

FotoNation Buys Smart Sensors for Biometric Capabilities >  More

Radware's Attack Mitigation System Selected by BlackMesh - Provides Customers Protection Against DDoS Without Impacting Legitimate Traffic >  More

Kyocera and Authentidate Complete Interoperability Testing on Integrated Mobile Telehealth Solution >  More

Cincinnati Children’s Signs Fourth Email Encryption Contract with Zix Corporation >  More

StrikeForce Technologies Releases GuardedID Version 4 of Its Keystroke Encryption Technology >  More

In bad cyber-breach environment - investment ideas >  More

Facebook Policies Taken to Task in Report for Data-Privacy Issues >  More

Apple to Spend Nearly $2 Billion on New European Data Centers >  More

How to get rid of insecure apps from Lenovo and lots of others >  More

Northrop Grumman Highlights Global Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Capabilities >  More

A big reason companies got hacked last year >  More

IBM Continues Expansion of Global Cloud Centers to Support Hybrid Cloud Growth >  More

Oracle Advances Vision for Enterprise Big Data >  More

A race for the lead in the wearables market >  More

Gemalto Trusted Services Hub expands secure service deployment to 350 million more mobile devices >  More

Hackers steal directly from banks in 'new era' of cyber crime >  More

Northrop Grumman to Feature Global Defence Capabilities >  More

IBM Adds Storage Software to Help Customers Manage Cloud >  More

US Defense Giant Raytheon: We Need To Divide The Web To Secure It >  More

Google is giving companies a break on security disclosures >  More

President Obama and the federal government are seeking to collaborate with the biggest US tech companies in an effort to bring more data security to the everyday consumer online >  More

Gemalto Releases Findings of 2014 Breach Level Index >  More

Fujitsu and BT Prepare Customers for the Future with First IPAM-as-a-Service Leveraging Fujitsu Cloud >  More

Gemalto acquires Trüb AG's secure document business further strengthening its world leadership in digital identity programs for governments >  More

Global traffic in mobile data will grow 10-fold in just 5 years, Cisco says >  More

Your TV may be spying on you >  More

Twitter sees growth in government requests for user data >  More

Reinforce Your Cybersecurity With Top Standards >  More

Accenture Federal Services to acquire Agilex, a provider of digital solutions for the U.S. federal government >  More

Identiv Announces U.S. Government Certification of uTrust TS Government Readers for Premises Access >  More

Defense of Pentagon networks "not where it should be"- nominee >  More

Oracle Utilities Analytics Solution Helps Utilities Manage Storm Data in Near Real Time >  More

HP Unveils Retail Technologies to Enhance Security, Customer Experience and Enable Operational Efficiencies >  More

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are paying Adblock Plus huge fees to get their ads unblocked >  More

Study from CA Technologies Reveals Why the Application Economy Demands a New Approach to Security >  More

As U.S. faces new threats, Pentagon seeks bigger defense budget >  More

Sony Cyber Attack Woes >  More

OTI Enters EMV Countertop Reader Market With Apple Pay-Enabled Solution >  More

L-3 Communications Wins 2 National Security Contracts >  More

Gemalto outlines the security benefits of move to EMV chip cards for US Financial Issuers >  More

Northrop Grumman Receives US Navy Contract to Begin Production of Additional Airborne Laser Mine Detection Systems >  More

Google is on the PwC Team Bidding for the Department of Defense Healthcare Management Systems Modernization Program >  More

Munich Airport Selects Morpho's CTX 9800 EDS for Hold Baggage Screening >  More

France Seeks to Sanction Web Companies for Posts Pushing Terror >  More

Apple In New Security Concessions To Beijing >  More

Hacking group Lizard Squad claims responsibility for Facebook outage >  More

The Morning Download: Microsoft Envisions Big Data 'Revolution' for Enterprise >  More

Northrop Grumman Awarded Cyber Security Contract by UK Government >  More

Equifax Personal Solutions Joins H&R Block to Address Growing Threat of Tax Identity Theft >  More

Pittsburgh Hospitals Reduce Emergency Department Visits using Patient Navigators >  More

BAE Systems was awarded a five-year contract by The U.S. Navy's Naval Air Systems Command to provide full life-cycle engineering and technical support. >  More

General Dynamics sees more demand for 'insider' cyber protection >  More

N.S.A. Breached North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack. >  More

France Pushes for Scrubbing Internet of Terrorism-Related Content >  More

After blocking Gmail, now China seems to be hacking Microsoft Outlook >  More

Oracle Voice Brings a Mobile, Speech-Enabled Virtual Assistant to the Oracle Sales Cloud in Release 9 on Smart Phones >  More

President Obama's Cybersecurity Priorites >  More

ImageWare Systems Joins as an Advanced Partner in the CA Technologies Tech Partner Program >  More

Identiv Supports President Obama's Plan to Increase Cybersecurity and Calls for U.S. Congress Mandate for All Organizations >  More

Alibaba Blocks Sales Of Unsafe Goods To U.S. Shoppers >  More

Why Google won't fix a security bug that's in almost a billion Android phones >  More

Pitney Bowes Unveils New Brand Strategy for the Future of Commerce >  More

Oracle Launches Modern and Secure Oracle Financial Services Cloud >  More

IBM Debuts New Mainframe in a $1 Billion Bet on Mobile >  More

Accenture is a Leader in U.S. Government Cloud Services. >  More

HP Unveils Retail Technologies to Enhance Security, Customer Experience and Enable Operational Efficiencies >  More

Elbit Systems Awarded Contracts for Advanced Electro-Optics Systems for Israeli Ministry of Defense. >  More

Uruguay selects Gemalto for eID secure document and issuance solution >  More

Authentidate's InscrybeMD Telehealth Solution Expanded to Several Florida Hospital Locations >  More

Digimarc and HP Report Significant Progress in Creating Print-to-Mobile Engagement Tools for Digital Presses >  More

Apple Has Patched A Hole In iCloud That Let Hackers Access Anyone's Account >  More

HP Debuts Virtual Reality Display Reducing the Barriers Between Digital and Physical World >  More

Google Was Asked To Delete 345 Million Links In 2014 Over Copyright Infringement >  More

Raise your home's IQ: smart gadgets take center stage at CES >  More

Stop Fraudsters in Their Tracks. NICE Launches Real-Time Solution to Thwart Fraud Attempts in the Contact Center >  More

Intel unveils app that opens sites with user's face >  More

Cue The Latest Cloud Vendor Announcing An Extended Maintenance Outage--Verizon Cloud Set For 2 Day Blackout >  More

CES 2015: Wearables, Drones, Virtual-Reality Goggles >  More

Why IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are integral to Oracle’s growth >  More

Largest Military Medical Facility in DoD Selects NICE for Patient Security and Safety >  More

Why Most Companies Could Be Hacked Just as Easily as Sony >  More

Taser Inks New Orders Amid Civil Unrest, Shares Soar >  More

Raytheon awarded $2.4 bln contract to provide the State of Qatar with Defense System >  More

Atmel and Fingerprint Cards Enter Strategic Partnership for Biometric Fingerprint and Touchscreen Solutions >  More

I.D. Systems' Wireless Industrial Vehicle Management Technology to be Deployed by Ford Motor >  More

Kratos Award to Provide Unmanned Aerial Target Systems to US Air Force >  More

Morpho's Itemiser 4DX Receives ECAC Approval for Explosives Screening >  More

Blackberry helps Boeing with its hyper-secure 'Black' smartphone >  More

4 Top Cybersecurity Plays. >  More

IBM Opens First Cloud Data Center With SoftLayer in Japan >  More

Gartner's Magic Quadrant positions Gemalto as a leader in user authentication >  More

Sony hackers threaten theaters >  More

EMC launched EMC VNX-VSS100 for video surveillance market >  More

Facebook follows Google as Dutch watchdog probes privacy >  More

Magal is Awarded Contract for an Integrated Security Solution for the Port of Tarragona in Spain. >  More

Precise Biometrics: Tactivo™ order from US Department of Defense >  More

Oracle Service Cloud Achieves Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program Provisional Authority to Operate >  More

Cubic Buys DTech to Expand Defense Unit >  More

The Problem With the Plan to Give Internet Access to the Whole World >  More

Emergent BioSolutions Expands Biodefense Franchise >  More

Tyco to Acquire Industrial Safety Technologies to Expand Gas And Flame Detection Capabilities >  More

EMC launched Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution >  More

Nordstrom fires employee, citing Facebook comments >  More

Radware's Global Application & Network Security Report Reveals Cyber Attacks Now Longer and More Continuous, Lasting One Month on Average >  More

Amazon, Microsoft Cloud Rivalry Grows In Enterprise >  More

Apple, Amazon refuse to release federal diversity data >  More

Accenture and Microsoft Launch New Hybrid Cloud Platform to Accelerate Enterprise-Wide Adoption >  More

Gemalto Launches Enhanced Visual and Tactile Security Features for Official Identity Documents >  More

How to protect yourself from ‘SpoofedMe,’ a social login attack >  More

Neogen acquires food safety business >  More

Oracle's New Cloud Development Center in Canada Reiterates Company's Commitment to Cloud Innovation >  More

Is a Threat on Social Media Really a Threat? >  More

Hacker Group Claims Credit For Taking Xbox Live Offline >  More

IBM reported online and mobile sales for Cyber Monday 2014; Online Sales From Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday Increased 12.6%; Cyber Monday Online Sales Up 8.5%, Mobile Sales Up 27.6% >  More

MorphoTrak Celebrates 40 Years of Automated Fingerprint Identification >  More

Defense sector grows with the global economy >  More

Gemalto teams up with Chunghwa Telecom for its commercial launch of NFC services in Taiwan. >  More

I.D. Systems Receives Follow-on Order From Leading U.S. Airline Valued at $500,000. >  More

HP Takes Big Data Platform to the Cloud With HP Haven OnDemand >  More

How much do you know about how the Internet works? >  More

U.S. Said to Cite Islamic State Fight to Block UN Spying Text >  More

Why iCloud Has Been Such A Mess >  More

Morpho Launches Non-Radioactive Trace Detector. >  More

Taser Shares Rise As Violence Erupts in Ferguson >  More

Tyco to Reinforce Technological and IoT Capabilities. >  More

L-3 Wins NGA Contract for Global Network Solutions >  More

Secure Dell Windows 8.1 Tablet Offers Mobile Computing up to Top Secret level. >  More

CACI awarded $62.5 mln contract to support counter narco-terrorism work. >  More

How banks are looking more like tech companies >  More

U.S. aviation safety board says FAA can enforce rules on drones >  More

Oracle Advances Data Integration Portfolio With Major Enhancements to Oracle GoldenGate >  More

San Francisco Police Department Selects AXON Body Cameras and From TASER >  More

Morpho Places First in NIST 2014 MINEX Fingerprint Benchmark >  More

SmartMetric Ties Your Fingerprint to Your Credit Card With Its In-Card >  More

U.S. military scrambles to keep its edge despite budget woes >  More

Contextual Security is Key to Enabling Business Mobility >  More

IBM is launching web-based email service >  More

General Electric CMO on Partnership With Quirky, Smart Home Technology >  More

CACI Awarded Contract to Provide Digital Mapping Services to National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency >  More

ImageWare Systems Debuts Biometrics-as-a-Service Identity Authentication Solution Combined With FUJITSU Retail Solution Market Place. >  More

ImageWare Will Combine Technologies With TransUnion to Offer Biometric Authentication for Fraud Prevention >  More

Obama's Internet Rules Could Boost $1.3 Trillion Connected Web. >  More

SMARTRAC and Atmel Collaborate in Animal ID Applications >  More

New Cancer Detection Technique Has Enormous Potential >  More

CACI Awarded Contract to Support Development of Sensor Technologies for U.S. Army at Business >  More

CA Technologies Powers Security, Usability and Trust for Enterprise Apps on Samsung KNOX >  More

Pitney Bowes Wins Department of Homeland Security Contract for Mail and Document Processing Solution >  More

British spy chief demands more access to Twitter, Facebook to thwart attacks >  More

Morpho Detection Awarded Lufthansa Airlines Contract for Itemiser DX Trace Detectors >  More

Palerra Emerges From Stealth, Changes Its Names And Jumps On The Security Bandwagon >  More

Gemalto deploys secure online banking solution in Indonesia >  More

Small Businesses Assess Their Apple Pay Options. >  More

Kohl's Sets Foundation for Future Growth With Oracle Retail >  More

IBM and China’s Tencent Begin Cloud Partership >  More

China-Linked Hacking Foiled by Private-Sector Sleuthing. >  More

Lenovo’s Intention to Create New Industry Standard to Meet Heightened Global Security Requirements. >  More

Ebola Response Suits in Short Supply Amid Demand. >  More

More Than 100 Global Systems Integrators Join the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to Offer Implementation Services and Drive Cloud Success. >  More

It Only Took Apple Three Days To Sign Up One Million Credit Cards On Apple Pay. >  More

NetApp Helps Enterprises and Service Providers Build a Hybrid Cloud Foundation. >  More

Versar Awarded Fence To Fence Environmental Services Contract From GSA. >  More

German Public Transportation Adopts IBM Software Defined Storage to Tackle Big Data. >  More

Will Apple Pay Keep You Safe This Holiday Season Amid Credit Card Breaches? >  More

BAE Systems to acquire SilverSky to enhance commercial cyber growth strategy. >  More

Precise Biometrics: Smartphone with Precise BioMatch Mobile™ launched by leading vendor. >  More

Tennessee Police Department Selects Digital Ally's Patented VuLink Connectivity for Officers. >  More

Radware Receives Multi-Million Dollar Contract From National Financial Services Company for Cyber-Attack Mitigation. >  More

Raytheon unveils wearable computers for battlefield intelligence operations. >  More

China targets Apple's iCloud with hacking attack. >  More

Diebold Enhances ATM Design, Security -- Inside and Out. >  More

UTC Aerospace Systems' Cloud Cap Technology selected by Integrated Surveillance and Defense for US Navy program. >  More

Teledyne DALSA - Advanced Imaging Capabilities for Defense and Security. >  More

Gartner Ranks Check Point the Worldwide Market Share Leader in the Firewall Equipment Market. >  More

Unisys Strengthens Analytics Capabilities of Forward! Platform by Signing OEM and Managed-Cloud Agreements with SAP. >  More

De La Rue secures 10-year note printing deal with Bank of England. >  More

How to integrate IT security at board level after Heartbleed and Shellshock. >  More

Honeywell And Constellation Deliver Value And Comfort With Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats. >  More

ATK Awarded $65 Million in Domestic and International Defense Contracts. >  More

Voiceprints being harvested by the millions. >  More

I.D. Systems and Toyota Dealer Roll Out Wireless Vehicle Management Technology for U.S. Retailer. >  More

Grand View Health Renews Contract with Zix Corporation. >  More

CaixaBank gears up for wearables with Gemalto NFC payment technology in Spain. >  More

Apple Pay seen advancing mobile-payment hardware. >  More

AlgoSec Promises Unified Hybrid Cloud Security Management. >  More

Elbit Systems Critical Secure Broadband Services with the Department of Homeland Security. >  More

MasterCard Launches Solution to Protect Against Cyber Hacking of Banks and Processors. >  More

Northrop Grumman Mine Detecting Sensor System for US Navy. >  More

MSA Closes In on Certification of New Breathing Apparatus for Firefighters. >  More

Magal Security receives orders for expansions of existing homeland security installations in Israel. >  More

ACI Worldwide Powers Internet Banking and Loan Payments for Langley Federal Credit Union. >  More

Unisys to Provide IT Support Services to Army. >  More

CA Technologies Helps Card Issuers Combat Fraud and Increase Revenue with Next-Generation Authentication Solution. >  More

Tyco Integrated Security Launches Entry Into Small Business Market. >  More

Trend Micro and INTERPOL Collaborate to Fight Global Cybercrime. >  More

China approves iPhone 6 after security assurances. >  More

Honeywell Survey Reveals Consumers Care More About Credit And Debit Card Security Than Their Health Or Retirement Savings. >  More

Cloud-based New Media Terminals Installed at China's Largest High-Speed Railway Station. >  More

London Met Police Extending AXON Body-Worn Camera Pilot to Front Line Officers. >  More

Intellicheck Mobilisa Wins $300K Contract to Install Defense ID System at Fort Meade. >  More

SanDisk Introduces of World’s Fastest Memory Card. >  More

JPMorgan breached. >  More

StrikeForce Introduces the World’s First and Only Patented Keystroke Encryption Technology for Apple Computers. >  More

Are Passwords Passé? NICE Shows How Companies are Using Voice Biometrics. >  More

Digimarc Launches Digimarc(R) Guardian Watermarking for Publishing. >  More

Intellicheck Mobilisa Wins $220K Contract to Provide TWIC Readers to Port of New Orleans in Louisiana. >  More

LoJack and Contguard Form Cargo Container Security Alliance. >  More

HP to Buy Cloud Company Previously Allied With Amazon. >  More

ImageWare Systems GoMobile Interactive Receives Top CTIA Emerging Technology Award. >  More

Was iCloud breached? Celebrity hacking clouds Apple's upcoming product launch. >  More

Magal Launches Revolutionary New Perimeter Robot. >  More

BIO-key(R) Continues to Expand Footprint in the Healthcare Market. >  More

ImageWare Signs Three-Year Agreement With Major International Retailer to Provide Multi-Modal Biometric Identity Management on the Fujitsu Cloud. >  More

California to require anti-theft 'kill switches' on smartphones. >  More

Radware's DDoS Protection and Attack Mitigation Service Selected by Colombia National Police to Help Mitigate Cyber Attacks to Its Network. >  More

General Dynamics Awarded Contract to Implement Massachusetts Statewide Next-Generation 9-1-1 System. >  More

Lockheed Martin seeks to clean up space junk. >  More

UPS Stores Hit by Cyber Attack, Customer Data Compromised. >  More

HP Delivers Services to Help Enterprises Accelerate the Benefits of Big Data and Analytics. >  More

Taser Could Be In-Class Leader Following Lethal Shooting In Ferguson. >  More

Nuance PowerShare Network Achieves Industry-First Milestone, Sharing 3 Billion Medical Images via the Cloud. >  More

Smart Business Cards Transform Into USB Drives. >  More

NICE is Once Again the Leader in Speech Analytics. >  More

How to Quit Facebook, and Other Questions About Fighting Tracking. >  More

Financial Institutions Are Moving To The Cloud. >  More

Fresno Police Department Expands Body-Worn Camera Program With Purchase of 100 Cameras From TASER. >  More

Diebold Global Software Strategy. >  More

Foreign security vendors can no longer bid for Chinese government contracts. >  More

An Upcoming iPhone Feature From Apple Will Completely Transform How You Use Apps. >  More

ManTech Awarded Order for Worldwide U.S. Army Command. >  More

Leading North American Financial Institution Selects Sapiens DECISION. >  More

Why Microsoft is becoming a cloud computing competitor. >  More

Apple-Visa May Partner for Mobile Payments. >  More

Raytheon to Showcase Broad Cyber Product Portfolio. >  More

The Boston Globe Selects LoJack. >  More

HP's Luxury Smartwatch. >  More

Intellicheck Mobilisa Wins Contract To Provide ID Card Readers to Washington State Ferries >  More

Oracle Customers Plug Into the Cloud With Oracle Database 12c. >  More

New Infrared iPhone 5 Case Lets You See Through Walls. >  More

Gemalto bundles secure file sharing and access management to offer all-in-one Identity cloud solution. >  More

Unisys Wins Applications Managed Services Contract from Aena Navegacion Aerea. >  More

Microsoft and Akamai join forces in first cybersecurity-focused accelerator in Israel. >  More

Facebook Plan to Monitor User Web Browsing Rouses Alarm. >  More

U.S Department of Treasury Awards Accenture $48 Million Contract for IT. >  More

Garmin Enhances Connext with Wireless Cockpit Connectivity to Mobile Devices. >  More

BIO-key and Experian Collaborate to Offer Enhanced ID Verification. >  More

Nuance Unveils Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13. >  More

RSA Web Threat Detection Adds Enhanced Visibility & Analytics; Takes on Mobile Fraud. >  More

Raytheon Builds a Fleet of Decoy Robots for the U.S. Air Force. >  More

Versar Awarded Iraq Personal Services II Contract From U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. >  More

Largest New York Real Estate Development Selects AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ Enterprise Security Management System. >  More

Apple and IBM Forge Global Partnership to Transform Enterprise Mobility. >  More

Will Home Depot, Amazon, Or Dell, Launch The 3D Printer Revolution? >  More

Oracle Marketing Cloud Expands the Industry's Most Comprehensive Marketing Technology Ecosystem. >  More

StrikeForce Adds Logical Source, Inc. as a New Distributor of Its Products. >  More

Trend Micro Announces Comprehensive Security Capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 Customers. >  More

Honeywell's Spectra Shield® Ballistic Material To Provide Ballistic Protection For Next-Generation Law Enforcement And Military Body Armor. >  More

Novartis Joins With Google to Develop Contact Lens to Monitor Blood Sugar. >  More

CVS Caremark and IBM Announce the "Technology Solutions for Smarter Health" Program. >  More

10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today. >  More

Radware's Attack Mitigation Device Extends Common Criteria Certification Through Laboratory Testing. >  More

Here's A Great Explanation Of The 'Big Data' Phenom In 8 Words. >  More

Apple loses Siri voice recognition case in China. >  More

Oracle Helps dunnhumby Transform Its Global Processes via the Cloud. >  More

Google Cloud Storage offering 2 TB of free storage through Panzura to compete with Amazon, Microsoft. >  More

Oshkosh Defense’s JLTV Solution Completes “Net-Ready” Testing. >  More

Unisys Cited as a Leader in Independent Research Firm's Report on ITSM Implementation Services Provider. >  More

Security Firm Described Simulation as Real Hack. >  More

H-P Printers Selected by US Air Force. >  More

Kratos Receives $32 Million in National Security Program Awards. >  More

Unisys Delivers New Basic Provision Biometrics Solution to Dutch Custodial Institutions Service. >  More

HP Wins $147M Medicaid Contract in Delaware. >  More

Veterans Affairs Selects ASM Research to Modernize Electronic Health Records. >  More

Black & Decker recalls 108,000 routers because of shock risk. >  More

Three Serious Takeover Candidates in Data Security. >  More

CAE wins defense contracts valued at approximately $110 million. >  More

Security Concerns Put IBM / Lenovo x86 Server Deal In Limbo. >  More

Raytheon Secures a Flurry of DoD Deals. >  More

ImageWare Systems Awarded $1.0 Million Contract to Implement Multi-Modal Biometric Driver License System for State of Baja California. >  More

Google is Taking on AT&T and Preparing to Take Over Your Home. >  More

Glucose-Monitoring iWatch May Give Apple a Sweet Lead in Wearables. >  More

Oracle Agrees to Buy Micros Systems for $5.3 Billion. >  More

I.D. Systems Receives $500,000 Order From Railroad to Track Intermodal Containers. >  More

Hackers Find New Ways to Breach Computer Security >  More

Cyberattack on Hong Kong Vote Was Among Largest Ever >  More

Hackers Take Down World Cup Site in Brazil >  More

iHeartRadio crosses 50 million users in 3 years. >  More

March Networks Announces High-Performance 6700 Series Hybrid NVR Platform and Edge 4e Encoder >  More

IBM Builds a Cloud Ecosystem in Egypt with New Technology and Skills. >  More

OSI Systems announced $10 mln order from international customer to provide multiple units of its Rapiscan Eagle M60 mobile high energy X-ray cargo and vehicle inspection system. >  More

CA Technologies Redefines SaaS-based IT Service Management. >  More

StrikeForce Technologies is Awarded a Second Patent for its Keystroke Encryption Technology. >  More

Pentagon Awards $145 Million in Defense Contracts. >  More

NICE Actimize Anti-Money Laundering Poll Finds Only 48 Percent of Financial Institution Respondents Believe They Have a Strong Culture of Compliance. >  More

TRC Awarded Storm Hardening Contract by Public Service of New Hampshire. >  More

Microsoft Partners With Chinese Internet Security Company Qihoo 360. >  More

Fidelis XPS Extends YARA-powered Capabilities to Enhance Real-time Malware Command and Control Prevention. >  More

Diebold's Self-Service Solutions Drive The Family Credit Union's New 'Smart Branch'. >  More

ACI Worldwide Powers Online and Mobile Banking for Pearl Harbor Federal Credit Union. >  More

NICE Introduces New Text-to-911 Logging Solution for Next Gen Emergency Communications Worldwide. >  More

Honeywell Challenges Google's Nest With A New Smart Thermostat That Responds To Your Phone's Location. >  More

Mace Security International Reports Pepper Spray Saves Lives in Seattle School Shooting. >  More

Apple's New Plan for iPhones. >  More

Flaircomm selects Gemalto to provide secure M2M solution for car manufacturers in China. >  More

Facebook Buying Mobile-Data Company Pryte. >  More

Bitcoin: Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You. >  More

Intel’s thin tablet shows off smaller new chip: Look Ma, no fans! >  More

Lockheed Martin Defeats Raytheon to Win $915 Million Air Force Space Fence Contract. >  More

Northrop Grumman Wins Three Defense Contracts. >  More

SEC not to recommend action against IBM on cloud revenue. >  More

Zix CEO Breaks Down The Email Encryption Business. >  More

Is Facebook Getting a Little Too “Big Brother?” >  More

Apple Knows That Home Is Where the Smart Is. >  More

Zurich Insurance PLC Expands Use of Accenture’s Software to Rapidly Deploy Products and Improve Customer Service. >  More

SanDisk introduces storage solution for tablet, smartphone market in China. >  More

Law enforcement and the use of body cameras. >  More

LoJack names its 10 most stolen cars. >  More

Security Industry Fights Surveillance State with Words. >  More

VASCO to expand portfolio with Risk IDS acquisition. >  More

Apple Point-of-Sale Upgrade Signals Better Security. >  More

China Bans Windows 8 From Government PCs. >  More

Why the cloud needs to clean up its act. >  More

Alcatel Creates Israel Bell Labs Center to Bolster Cloud Effort. >  More

T-Mobile taps Walmart to sell low-cost 4G tablets with limited free service. >  More

IBM Shows Robust Growth In Cloud. >  More

Compliance Software Helps Meet Regulatory Demands. >  More

Relationships with IBM, Fujitsu, T-Systems and others representing just the tip of the iceberg for ImageWare. >  More

Cloud Growth Is a Game Changer for SanDisk. >  More

OSI Systems receives $15M order for cargo, vehicle inspection systems. >  More

Hope For Military Spending Growth Boosts Boeing and United Technologies. >  More

HP Launches HP Helion Portfolio of Cloud Products and Services. >  More

AT&T and Verizon received one government data request per minute last year. >  More

Gemalto's Olivier Piou on Secure Credit Card Technology. >  More

Microsoft Holds Business Software Market Share Lead. >  More

EMC buys secret chip maker DSSD. >  More

IBM's New Cybersecurity Plan: Find Bad Guys Before They Steal. >  More

Target CEO resigns as fallout from data breach continues. >  More

ImageWare(R) Systems Brings IDaaS to the IBM Cloud Platform. >  More

AT&T, Honeywell to challenge Gogo's airborne Web business. >  More

General Dynamics secures $17.65 billion contract. >  More

Why Are IBM and Microsoft Soaring? >  More

Homeland Security struggles to tempt, retain cyber talent. >  More

Why 'Smart' Guns Won't Transform the U.S. Firearm Industry. >  More

Europe’s Antitrust Chief Censures Google’s Motorola Mobility. >  More

AOL confirms security breach; users' passwords, address books exposed. >  More

Aol Mail Hacked With Spoofed Accounts Sending Spam. >  More

Apple vs. Samsung: Smartphone rivals billions apart in value of patent feud. >  More

Feds consider long-term contractor. >  More

AT&T Goes After Google With Plans to Bring Gigabit Broadband to 21 New Cities. >  More

Cloud Storage Wars Could Favor the Little Guys. >  More

Comtech Telecom receives $3.1 mln satellite modem order from government systems integrator. >  More

Australia's GE Money warns customers of 'Heartbleed' bug. >  More

Cloud infrastructure business seen as three-horse race. >  More

Apple Point-of-Sale Upgrade Signals Better Security. >  More

China Bans Windows 8 From Government PCs. >  More

Why the cloud needs to clean up its act. >  More

Alcatel Creates Israel Bell Labs Center to Bolster Cloud Effort. >  More

T-Mobile taps Walmart to sell low-cost 4G tablets with limited free service. >  More

IBM Shows Robust Growth In Cloud. >  More

Compliance Software Helps Meet Regulatory Demands. >  More

Relationships with IBM, Fujitsu, T-Systems and others representing just the tip of the iceberg for ImageWare. >  More

Cloud Growth Is a Game Changer for SanDisk. >  More

OSI Systems receives $15M order for cargo, vehicle inspection systems. >  More

Hope For Military Spending Growth Boosts Boeing and United Technologies. >  More

HP Launches HP Helion Portfolio of Cloud Products and Services. >  More

AT&T and Verizon received one government data request per minute last year. >  More

Gemalto's Olivier Piou on Secure Credit Card Technology. >  More

Microsoft Holds Business Software Market Share Lead. >  More

EMC buys secret chip maker DSSD. >  More

IBM's New Cybersecurity Plan: Find Bad Guys Before They Steal. >  More

Target CEO resigns as fallout from data breach continues. >  More

ImageWare(R) Systems Brings IDaaS to the IBM Cloud Platform. >  More

AT&T, Honeywell to challenge Gogo's airborne Web business. >  More

General Dynamics secures $17.65 billion contract. >  More

Why Are IBM and Microsoft Soaring? >  More

Homeland Security struggles to tempt, retain cyber talent. >  More

Why 'Smart' Guns Won't Transform the U.S. Firearm Industry. >  More

Europe’s Antitrust Chief Censures Google’s Motorola Mobility. >  More

AOL confirms security breach; users' passwords, address books exposed. >  More

Aol Mail Hacked With Spoofed Accounts Sending Spam. >  More

Apple vs. Samsung: Smartphone rivals billions apart in value of patent feud. >  More

Feds consider long-term contractor. >  More

AT&T Goes After Google With Plans to Bring Gigabit Broadband to 21 New Cities. >  More

Cloud Storage Wars Could Favor the Little Guys. >  More

Comtech Telecom receives $3.1 mln satellite modem order from government systems integrator. >  More

Australia's GE Money warns customers of 'Heartbleed' bug. >  More

Cloud infrastructure business seen as three-horse race. >  More

New IBM Services Target Security And Disaster Recovery. >  More

A Billion Smartphone Users May Be Affected by the Heartbleed Security Flaw. >  More

FLIR Systems receives full-rate production decision for CBRNE system. >  More

StrikeForce reported its Annual 2013 Financial Results, which shows a decrease in net revenues for 2013, while projecting increasing revenues going forward, especially in 2014 based on the growing demand for our keystroke encryption and new mobile products that are now in beta testing. >  More

Twitter redesigns user profiles. >  More

Elbit Systems receives $100 mln contract to supply integrated systems for Homeland Security Applications. >  More

2 Promising Prison Plays: Corrections Corp, Geo Group. >  More

Why Network Security Vendors Should Stay Away From End Point Security, and Vice-Versa. >  More

Lenovo’s IBM Deal Has Sparked National Security Concerns. >  More

Increased Mobile Payment Security Solutions Making Advancements - Innovative Smart Wallet Technology Readies for Launch. >  More

American Science & Engineering receives order for Z Portal System From Taiwan Aviation Police for Air Cargo Inspection. >  More

Vicon and IQinVision announce merger agreement. >  More

Diebold Enhances Compliance, Capabilities Of Hampton Roads Bankshares' ATMs. >  More

Intellicheck wins contract to improve security at military base. >  More

Identiv Raises $20M to Deliver Trust to the Internet of Things. >  More

Behind Apple's Siri Lies Nuance's Speech Recognition. >  More

GE recalls baby "warmers" over safety fears. >  More

Pentagon Awards Nearly 3 Dozen Defense Contracts. >  More

Cyberwars: Will The Pentagon's Plan For Defeating Insider Attacks Work? >  More

U.S. Wine and Spirits Superstore Chain Deploys March Networks Video Surveillance for Security and Fulfillment Protection >  More

Oracle Continues To Build Their Cloud Portfolio. >  More

Facebook, Google Sued By French Consumer Group for Data Use. >  More

StrikeForce Receives Notice of Allowance From US Patent Office That Their Keystroke Encryption Technology Is Approved for Issuance of a Second Patent. >  More

Sailors Try to Retrieve Objects Seen in Hunt for Malaysian Plane. >  More

Pentagon Awards $1.01 Billion in Defense Contracts. >  More

Which Tech Titan Will Rule Health Care IT? >  More

Oracle leverages its Endeca acquisition to tap into data analytics. >  More

Identive Group's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript. >  More

Holder of Stolen Passport Seeking Asylum. >  More

Accenture selected by Government of Canary Islands to support digital justice. >  More

Pentagon Awards General Dynamics and Austal $727 Million. >  More

Germany's Federal Network Agency selects Kratos for satellite carrier monitoring solution. >  More

Elbit Systems receives contract for the U.S. Customs Border Protection. >  More

StrikeForce Technologies Products Make Big Impact at RSA Security Conference >  More

U.S. Defense Manpower Data Center Awards HP $548 Million Task Order to Support Mission-Critical Hardware and Software. >  More

New devices claim privacy in smartphones. >  More

ImageWare Systems Begins Test Phase With T-Systems, Germany. >  More

Google's Eric Schmidt talks about power and limits of Internet. >  More

Government spying tools will worsen Internet security. >  More

Tyco selling South Korean security arm. >  More

Alcatel-Lucent to help Verizon Wireless manage growing data traffic. >  More

Elbit Systems: A Promising Contract. >  More

Virginia’s Quik-E Foods Cuts Losses with March Networks Retail Video Surveillance Solution. >  More

Ford dumping Microsoft to sync with BlackBerry. >  More

Apple’s Serious Security Issue: Update Your iPhone or iPad Immediately. >  More

HP Drives Collaboration Across Industry With Threat Central Platform to Bolster Security Defenses. >  More

ImageWare Systems Biometric Engine Named Envisioneering Innovation and Design Award Winner Announced for ShowStoppers@Mobile World Congress 2014 - Barcelona. >  More

IBM and AT&T announce a new strategic relationship to give businesses a simplified, single-source for network security and threat management . >  More

Oracle Strikes BlueKai Deal for a Marketing Trifecta. >  More

Under Armour Goes for Damage Control Instead of Gold at Olympics. >  More

Syrian Electronic Army hacks into Forbes. >  More

Here's How You Protect Your Twitter Account From Being Hacked. >  More

Microsoft and DocuSign announce strategic partnership to bring eSignature to Office 365 customers. >  More

Google Thinks It Can Replace Passwords With Inaudible Sounds Only Your Phone Can Hear. >  More

Growth In Cyber Security Spending Looks Positive For Security Stocks. >  More

Cloud Spending to Balloon to $235B by 2017. >  More

Microsoft asks consumers to "Do 1 Thing" to support Safer Internet Day. >  More

Google Deal Machine Ramps Up to Pass Intel in Top Spot. >  More

Accenture Research Shows Federal Agencies Struggling with Cloud Implementation. >  More

Lockheed Chief Sees Commercial Demand for Cybertechnology. >  More

Two Drone Giants Team Up to Change the Future of Surveillance. >  More

Tetra Tech Wins $700 million USAID natural resource management contract; awarded $243 million National Guard Bureau environmental engineering contract. >  More

I.D. Systems Wireless Technology to be launched in China by global consumer packaged goods customer. >  More

Stanley Black & Decker's Security Business Throws A Monkey Wrench Into The Mix. >  More

Northrop Grumman awarded United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team contract. >  More

Facebook Has Released Info On How Many National Security Requests It Gets. >  More

StrikeForce Technologies Launches Two Mobile Products at this year’s RSA Security Conference. >  More

Microsoft's web war dilemma. >  More

OSI Systems mentioned cautiously by Fraud Files. >  More

Apple's iPad Losing Share To Samsung And Lenovo. >  More

Kratos Defense and Security awarded five-year seaport-e contract; with a maximum contract value of over $7 billion. >  More

Big Data Adoption A Big Headache For Some Companies. >  More

JDSU provides optical technology for advanced 3D sensing in Kinect for Xbox One. >  More

US reaches data deal with technology companies. >  More

Big News Day On The Cloud Application Security Front. >  More

Google to offer prescription version of Google Glass. >  More

Pentagon Announces $242 Million Environmental Engineering Contract. >  More

Pentagon Awards $340.6 Million in Defense Contracts. >  More

Intellicheck obtains U.S. patent for enhanced ID check technology. >  More

Lockheed Martin, EMC to develop tech projects in Israel. >  More

IBM and Skillsoft collaborate to harness big data in enterprise learning. >  More

SAP pushes back profit goal to fund cloud growth. >  More

Your Credit Score: 5 Key Numbers You Must Know. >  More

Boeing's $52 Billion Defense Contract Is Set for Takeoff. >  More

Intellicheck obtains U.S. patent for enhanced ID check technology. >  More

Pentagon Awards $671 Million in Defense Contracts. >  More

Unisys selected as a member of a consortium to provide mission-critical infrastructure solutions for the 12 Brazilian cities that will host the 2014 World Cup. >  More

On Track Innovations begins shipping new order of 10,000 NFC Readers to U.S. unattended point of sale system integrator. >  More

NICE Systems exceeds $1 billion in bookings for 2013. >  More

SAIC’s Spinoff Jeopardizes Its $1.8 Billion NASA Contract. >  More

Deal Reached on Spending Bill to Fund U.S. Government. >  More

Accenture Wins U.S. Contract for Obamacare Enrollment Website. >  More

Oracle enters into agreement to acquire Corente, a provider of software-defined networking technology for wide area networks. >  More

Wave to Offer Comprehensive Management for Samsung 840 EVO Opal Flash Drives. >  More

StrikeForce Technologies Reports on 2013 Year in Review and a Sneak Preview of 2014. >  More

North Carolina State Employees Union Hires SEC Expert For $83 Billion Pension Forensic Investigation. >  More

Raytheon Wins DoD Contract. >  More

LoJack helps cops bust car-theft ring. >  More

Google Buys Boston Dynamics; Further Reveals Plans Beyond Search. >  More

Bitcoin Bubble Bursts as China Cracks Down on Digital Currency >  More

Will Red Hat Eventually Crush Microsoft and Oracle in the Cloud? >  More

Fujitsu and ImageWare Continue to Deliver Market Leading Cloud-Based Biometric Identity Management Solutions and Services. >  More

StrikeForce Announces Online Social Networking Promotion for One Billion Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Amazon Users. >  More

HP Moves to Capture More of the Cloud. >  More

Superior Discovery Purchases StrikeForce’s ProtectID® Multi-Factor Out-of-Band Authentication Technology to Protect Client Data. >  More

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others launch campaign for NSA reform. >  More

Northrop Grumman Cyber Team - First Place in Global Defense Cyber Crime Center Forensics Competition. >  More

HP Introduces Innovations Built for the Data Center of the Future. >  More

TSA cancels order with OSI. >  More

NSA spying hurts business of large U.S. hardware makers. >  More

Pentagon Awards European Defense Firms $101 Million in Defense Contracts. >  More

3M Introduces Overt, Personalized Security Feature for ID Documents. >  More

IBM Helps Cities in Basque Region of Spain Build A Sustainable Community and Turn Data into Insight. >  More

Norway’s Largest Bank DNB and Mobile Operator Telenor Select Gemalto for NFC Payment Service. >  More

Canadian Town of Whitby Purchases StrikeForce’s ProtectID® Multi-Factor Authentication Technology. >  More

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development Selects IBM Security to Protect Private Customer Information. >  More

Leading Regional US Airline Adopts Implant Sciences' QS-B220 Explosives Trace Detector for Air Cargo Screening. >  More

Schools Look To Mace® For Security. >  More

Smith Micro and Gemalto Join Forces to Help Mobile Operators Monitor Mobile Network Traffic. More >  More

CACI Supports DISA Info Sharing Program. >  More

NAPCO Reports Financial Results. >  More

OMS National Insurance Company Chooses Accenture’s Software Platform to Meet Business Transformation Goals. >  More

Checkpoint Systems Scales up RFID Project With Leading European Apparel Retailer C&A to Reduce Out of Stocks. >  More

Miller-Keystone Blood Center Streamlines Donor Check-In With BIO-key TruDonor ID(TM). >  More

Truckee Police Department Deploys AXON Flex On-Officer Cameras to All Patrol Officers. >  More

Harris Corporation Awarded $19 Million Contract to Improve Virginia County Critical Communications. >  More

Accenture Survey Identifies Actions to Increase Consumer Adoption of Mobile Payments. >  More

From hackers to security experts, the Balkan IT sector is booming. >  More

Diebold a Top Ranked SAFE Dividend Stock With 3.9% Yield. >  More

Tyco acquired First City Care, National Fire Solutions. >  More

Cybersecurity Bill Passes House. >  More

Equifax Identity Proofing Platform Achieves Level of Assurance 3 FICAM Recognition. >  More

Cybercriminals Exploit Boston Bombings in Malware Email Campaign. >  More

ACI Worldwide Empowers Financial Institutions to Increase Efficiency of Card Issuing and Account Management. >  More

Gun stocks lag after gun control bill fails. >  More

Diebold Introduces Intuitive Online Security Management With Launch Of SecureStat®. >  More

Costco Wholesale Taps Digimarc to Deliver Interactive Print-to-Mobile Experience to 8.6 Million Members. >  More

Citrix ShareFile Helps Financial Firms Meet Compliance Requirements with New Archiving Capability. >  More

City of Bunbury selects IBM PureSystems to take the lead with government cloud. >  More

IBM SmartCloud Underpins Avnet's New Custom Cloud Computing Services for Small and Midsize Businesses in India. >  More

Garmin to Provide In-Dash Navigation for Future Mercedes-Benz Models. >  More

Leading Industrial Distribution Company Implementing Verint Impact 360 Workforce Optimization Suite. >  More

Fujitsu and ImageWare Systems Enter Into Contract to Enable the Delivery of Cloud-Based Biometric Multi-Modal Solutions. >  More

Alcatel-Lucent to unveil bold SDN vision for datacenter networking. >  More

More Customers Worldwide Deploying Verint Analytics-Driven Recording and Quality Monitoring Solutions. >  More

Checkpoint Systems Announces Definitive Agreement to Sell U.S. and Canadian CheckView Business. >  More

Florida Peninsula Insurance Chooses eSignSystems to Automate Insurance Processes for Independent Agents and Consumers. >  More

Security Products Seeing Most Growth. >  More

Retail Loss Prevention Research Reveals Changing Practices; Six Million Thieves Apprehended Annually Is Tip of Iceberg. >  More

NICE Actimize's Anti-Money Laundering Solutions Selected by Indonesia's PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. >  More

Lockheed Martin Successfully Migrates EPA to the Microsoft Cloud. >  More

CAE awarded military services and upgrade contracts valued at approximately $90 million. >  More

INIT and Harris Corporation Put Société de Transport de Montréal On Track for the Future with Modern Communication System. >  More

TELUS Selects Gemalto SIM to Enable Secure NFC Mobile Payments. >  More

Radware and Mellanox Technologies Combine Technology to Enable Mobile Carriers to Leverage Network Functions Virtualization and Software Defined Networking. >  More

Alcatel-Lucent unit wins $14.1M award to update Ford Leonard Wood data network. >  More

Morpho Detection Launches Online Store for Enhanced U.S. Trace Customer Service. >  More

Websense TRITON Trumps All Vendors Within Independent Security Effectiveness Test. >  More

China Unicom Selects Gemalto in China's First NFC Payment Service. >  More

Radware Introduces its New Cloud Based Attack Mitigation Solution to Protect Customers Against Internet Pipe Saturation. >  More

Perma-Fix Announces Collaboration With Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for Oil and Gas Development Radiation Study. >  More

TeleCommunication Systems Introduces Cloud-Based, High-Volume, Messaging Service. >  More

Obama Orders Cybersecurity Standards for Infrastructure. >  More

LaserBand, a Zebra Technologies Company, Announces Agreement With Premier Healthcare Alliance to Provide Members LaserBand's Advanced Patient Identification Wristbands. >  More


Symantec's Website Security Solutions Advance the Future of Trust and Protection on the Internet. >  More

Wave Brings Consumer Simplicity and Enterprise Control to Windows 8 Tablets. >  More

NBKI and FICO Introduce Russia's First Application Fraud Score. >  More

ACI Worldwide Arms Financial Institutions to Fight Accelerating Fraud. >  More

Zix Corporation Launches ZixDLP, a New Data Loss Prevention Solution for Email. >  More

President Obama's Cybersecurity Executive Order. >  More

Kratos Receives $11.9 Million Contract to Provide Electronics for Critical U.S. Ballistic Missile Program. >  More

IBM Delivers New Services to Help Clients Move Enterprise Applications to the Cloud. >  More

NICE Launches Industry's First Full Cloud-Based Workforce Optimization Suite. >  More

Intellicheck Mobilisa Partners with Trinidad Company to Market Its Wireless and Port Security Solutions in Caribbean Region Business. >  More

Dot Hill Technology Innovation Maximizes Storage Performance Across Entire Portfolio of Solutions With Newest Patent. >  More

Viscount Systems Receives Contract to Secure Four High Rise Towers. >  More

Radware Releases Global Security Report - Reveals New Cyber Attack Methods Uncovering Blind-Spots Unrecognized by Security Professionals and Organizations. >  More

Atmel Signs License Agreement with Exegin for ZigBee Stacks Design Use In Wireless Smart Grid Applications. >  More

Emergent BioSolutions Initiates Phase 2 Study in Pursuit of a Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Indication for BioThrax. >  More

Brink's to Launch Branded Prepaid Payroll Card. >  More

Precise Biometrics: Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo™ Selected by OpenPeak to Add Security Enhancements to Mobile Apps with its SECTOR™ App Wrapping Technology. >  More

Nuance’s Dragon Drive Voice-Enables Hyundai’s Next-Generation Connected Car. >  More

Viscount’s Freedom Security Software Installed at Additional U.S. Government Facilities. >  More

SAIC Awarded Contract By National Nuclear Security Administration. >  More

NICE Actimize Selected as a "Best-in-Class" Vendor in Three Categories in Analyst Firm's 2012 Anti-Money Laundering Technology Report. >  More

TCS Awarded Five-Year Contract Renewal: General Services Administration IT Schedule 70 >  More

Security Chiefs Pitch Actionable Strategies to Meet Big Impact IT Trends. >  More

Precise Biometrics chosen by a market-leading global provider of financial information services. >  More

NICE Ranked as the Leader in the Global PSIM Market by IMS Research. >  More

CACI Expands in Healthcare IT. >  More

Salt Lake Valley Police Alliance Deploying 120 AXONFlex On-Officer Cameras. >  More

SAIC Awarded Contract By U.S. Army Environmental Command. >  More

Implant Sciences Wins Contract in Nigeria for Explosives Trace Detectors. >  More

RSA Opens New Anti-Fraud Command Center in Collaboration with Purdue University. >  More

Boeing, Embraer Collaborate on Runway Safety for Customers. >  More

NICE Actimize Named Best Financial Crime Prevention Solutions Provider. >  More

After the massacre, gun sales face uncertain future. >  More

Ingersoll-Rand to spin off security division. >  More

Wave Garners Prestigious GSN Homeland Security Award. >  More

Accenture Launches Customer Insight Software Solution to Help Banks Increase. >  More

Protect Corporate Use of Social Media and Cloud Services With Scrambls. >  More

Dooney & Bourke Expands Global Online Shopping with Pitney Bowes E-commerce Solutions. >  More

Raytheon BBN Technologies awarded $16 million in DoD funding to enhance text understanding. >  More

Websense TRITON Architecture Stops Targeted Cyber Attacks with New ACE in the Cloud Defense. >  More

Alcatel-Lucent expands CloudBand 'carrier cloud' solution to support wider range of cloud platforms and networking equipment vendors. >  More

Gunnebo Wins Order with Chennai Metro. >  More

Trend Micro Lets You Take the "Security Challenge" with New Free Online Assessment Tools for Cloud, Cyber & Mobile Security. >  More

TYC National Retail Security Survey Reveals U.S. Retail Industry Lost More Than $35.28 Billion to Theft in 2011. >  More

US Trailer Holdings Deploys "Track and Trace" Trailer Management System From I.D. Systems. >  More

Gemalto’s Solution for Mobile Financial Services deployed by Telecom Italia. >  More

Cornerstone Mortgage Company Modernizes Network Security With Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS. >  More

Identive Selected as Access Control Standard for U.S. Federal Agency Within Department of Homeland Security. >  More

Commtouch Acquires eleven GmbH to Accelerate Launch of Security-as-a-Service Solutions. >  More

Verint Participating in Launch of "Total Airport Security Solution" Field Trial at London's Heathrow Airport. >  More

Gemalto and Orange Make Back-up of Mobile Content Available to All in Jordan. >  More

Next-Generation EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS Innovation Now Available, Arming Enterprises to Take Full Advantage of Big Data. >  More

CACI Awarded Prime Position on $10 Billion Multiple-Award Contract to Provide Telecommunications Support for U.S. Army Business. >  More

OSI Systems Receives $15 Million Contract from U.S. Federal Agency. >  More

DHS Secretary Napolitano Uses Hurricane Sandy to Hype Cyber Threat. >  More

Morpho Detection Awarded Explosive Detection System Contract With Maximum Value of $528M >  More

EMC Underscores Cloud Service Market Commitment with Velocity Service Provider Program Enhancements. >  More

Gemalto Q3 sales jump as mobile unit shines. >  More

Symantec Beats Estimates, Shares Up. >  More

Wave Delivers Secured Credentials for Modern Access Control. >  More

CACI Awarded $20 Million Contract to Continue Readiness Based Sparing Support for Naval Supply Systems Command. >  More

Accenture Releases New Version of Its Insurance Claims Management SoftwareBusiness. >  More

Enhancements to Verint’s Impact 360 Enterprise Workforce Management Solution Drives Increased Visibility into Back-Office Operations. >  More

ManTech Awarded $16.5 Million to Support NASA Kennedy Space Center Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate. >  More

CA Technologies and Citrix Team to Simplify and Accelerate the Adoption of Cloud Services. >  More

CACI Awarded Prime Contract on $7 Billion Multiple-Award Program to Support U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command. >  More

NICE Actimize Solutions Implemented by MetaBank to Support Financial Crime Risk Strategy By Providing a 360-Degree View of Enterprise Risk. >  More

Compliance Systems, Inc. Partners With eSignSystems. >  More

Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo™ Products Create New Bring-Your-Own-Device Government Solutions for Securing Sensitive Data on iPhone and iPad Devices. >  More

EMC Signs Extension to IBM Licensing Agreement Through 2017 >  More

CAE wins military contracts valued at approximately $200 million. >  More

Cybersecurity Bill Passes House. >  More

Equifax Identity Proofing Platform Achieves Level of Assurance 3 FICAM Recognition. >  More

Cybercriminals Exploit Boston Bombings in Malware Email Campaign. >  More

ACI Worldwide Empowers Financial Institutions to Increase Efficiency of Card Issuing and Account Management. >  More

Gun stocks lag after gun control bill fails. >  More

Diebold Introduces Intuitive Online Security Management With Launch Of SecureStat®. >  More

Harris Corporation Receives $15 Million in Orders from Latin American Nation in Next Phase of Mission-Critical Communication System. >  More

Wave Receives Golden Bridge Award for Deploying and Managing SEDs for Barnabas Healthcare System. >  More

Identive Receives 2012 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Its Global Identification and Security Product Strategy. >  More

Norton Hotspot Privacy Keeps Consumers Safe on Public Wi-Fi. >  More

New RSA Innovation Helps Thwart "Smash-and-Grab" Credential Theft. >  More

Radware Launches In-Depth Resource for Information Security Professionals. >  More

Brinkster Selects Radware's Attack Mitigation System to Protect its Cloud and Hosting Customers Against Cyber Attacks. >  More

DigitalGlobe Unveils Integrated Cloud Services Platform for Government and Commercial Customers.>  More

SanDisk Announces Development of CFast Memory Cards for Next-Generation Professional Photo and Video Applications. >  More

IBM Cloud Streamlines Global Engineering Projects for Toyota. >  More

U.S. Air Force Chooses Northrop Grumman to Demonstrate Next-Generation Air Defense Radar System. >  More

Kratos Awarded $10.5 Million Task Order to Provide Rocket Launch Products and Services for Ballistic Missile Defense Programs. >  More

TeleCommunication Systems Receives $19.2 Million in Incremental Funding to Deliver Communications Systems for U.S. Marine Corps. >  More

The highly advanced version of Cognitec Systems’ video screening product FaceVACS-VideoScan now employs leading-edge face detection technology to analyze the count, flow, demographics and behavior of people visible in video streams. >  More

NICE Receives the 2012 LT-Innovate Award, Bolstering its Position as a Leading Innovator in Speech and Text Analytics. >  More

ePlus OneSource Procurement Selected by Global Law Firm to Simplify and Unify Procurement. >  More

Implant Sciences Sells 25 More Quantum Sniffers for Deployment in Africa. >  More

Maryland County Awards Corporation $34 Million Contract to Modernize First Responder Communications. >  More

Trend Micro Receives U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) for Trend Micro Deep Security. >  More

Alcatel-Lucent Gives First-response Emergency Personnel Mobile Access to Multiple Video Feeds Using Lightning-fast 4G LTE. >  More

Axis Launches First-Ever IP Camera that Features Both Dynamic Capture WDR and Lightfinder Technologies. >  More

Absolute Software Offers Consumers Data and Device Protection for Android Tablets and Smartphones. >  More

CA Technologies and Logicalis Extend Strategic Relationship to Deliver Cloud Choice and Flexibility. >  More

Wave Launches Cloud-Based Management for Self-Encrypting Drives. >  More

Harris Corporation to Provide Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health with New Public Safety Communications System. >  More

Northrop Grumman Agrees to Acquire Australian Cybersecurity Company M5 Network Security. >  More

Nuance Announces Dragon ID Voice Biometrics for Mobile. >  More

Smart Storage Solutions Enable Midsize Organizations to Accelerate Growth, Increase Simplicity, and Leverage the Cloud. >  More

This New Phantom Works Drone 'Ushers In A New Era Of Surveillance'. >  More

3M Cloud Library Continues to Build Content Offerings. >  More

AeroVironment Receives $15.8 Million Initial Order from United States Army for RQ-11B Raven Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. >  More

Zebra Technologies Offers New Printer Series. >  More

RSA Archer eGRC Platform Expands Statistical Functions, Improves Data Handling and Delivers New Solutions for Audit, Compliance and Change Management. >  More

Harris Corporation Receives $81 Million in Orders from U.S. Special Operations Command for Falcon III Multiband Manpack Radios. >  More

US high court won't review police Taser use cases. >  More

Powerful "Flame" cyber weapon found in Iran. >  More

Checkpoint Systems Ensures Sainsbury’s Gok Wan Clothing Range Looks Good “Labeled”. >  More

Kratos SecureInfo Cybersecurity Team to Support U.S. Antarctic Program. >  More

Raiffeisen Banking Group Selects Gemalto to Secure Online Banking Services in Austria. >  More

Identive Introduces Innovative Payment Tag for Mobile Phones. >  More

CACI Awarded Prime Position on $900 Million Multiple-Award Contract to Support Joint Improvised Explosive Device. >  More

Morpho Detection's Itemiser DX Trace Detector Certified for Air Cargo Screening by U.K. Department for Transport. >  More

Unisys to Provide End-to-End Security and Safety Assurance for World's Largest Experimental Fusion Facility. >  More

Al Bilad Customers In Saudi Arabia Receive New Banking Cards Instantly with Gemalto's Solution. >  More

Accenture Unveils Enhanced Insurance Claims Management Software Platform. >  More

BIO-key Awarded Contract From Province of British Columbia. >  More

SAIC Awarded Contract by Department of Homeland Security. >  More

BASF Expands Deployment of VeriWise(TM) Track and Trace to Manage Fleets of Transportation Assets. >  More

Elbit Awarded a Contract Valued at Approximately $32 Million to Supply Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems. >  More

Smith Micro Announces Application Control Solution NetWise Passport to Protect Carrier Networks While Increasing Data Revenue Potential. >  More

Trend Micro™ SecureCloud™ "Plug-In" Makes It Easy for Companies Using Apache CloudStack to Encrypt and Protect Their Cloud Data. >  More

Morpho Detection Awarded U.S. DHS R&D Contracts for Shoe Scanning Device Prototypes. >  More

Gemalto Signs Multi-Year Contract with the United Kingdom Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. >  More

TeleCommunication Systems Awarded Three Contracts to Deliver Cyber Security Solutions for U.S. DoD. >  More

Kratos Teams With SAIC for $72 Million Multiple Award Contract to Provide Support Services to Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific. >  More

Scrambls Introduces Secure Personal Sharing Across Social Networks & Websites. >  More

CA Technologies Security Products to Help Secure Swift Exchange Commerce Ecosystem. >  More

Malicious cyber attacks rose 81 percent in 2011. >  More

Qatari Bank Standardizes on March Networks to Combat Fraud and Enhance Security. >  More

NAPCO's Networx™ Wireless Locking System Installs Nationally. >  More

Somerset Medical Center Signs Five-Year Renewal with Zix. >  More

Harris Awarded $10 Million Contract to Deploy Public Safety Communications System in Virginia. >  More

Japan Signs Order For Advanced Chemical, Biological, And Radiological Detection And Early Warning Systems From Lockheed Martin. >  More

New Norton Secured Seal Is the Most Recognized Trust Mark on the Internet. >  More

The Department of Veterans Affairs Extends Authentidate's Home Telehealth Devices and Services Contract Period. >  More

Fiat Chooses Akamai to Improve Global Web Site and Application User Experience on Both Desktops and Mobile Devices. >  More

EMC Symmetrix Data at Rest Encryption Achieves FIPS 140-2 Validation. >  More

Kratos Integral Systems International Selected by Boeing to Provide Turnkey Ground Segment Solution for the MEXSAT Satellite System. >  More

EMC Introduces VSPEX Proven Infrastructure. >  More

CSC Launches Unified Communications as a Service in Canada. Atlantic. >  More

Raytheon Supporting US Coalition Forces' Information-Sharing Computer Network. >  More

SAIC Awarded Contract by Transportation Security Administration. >  More

Saveur Magazine Features Digitally Watermarked Advertisement Using Digimarc’s Patented Technology. >  More

Survey Says Canada Tops Mobile Data Loss, 58 Percent of Organizations Lose Data Through Insecure Mobile Devices. >  More

Viscount’s Freedom Selected for Department of Homeland Security Agency. >  More

URS Selected By FEMA For Nationwide Disaster Response Contract. >  More

EMC ProSphere Transforms Storage Management Across Physical and VMware Virtualized Environments. >  More

Innovative Access Control Technology From Identive Revolutionizes Integrated Identity Management.>  More

Kratos Receives $3.3 Million Single Award to Provide Specialized Maintenance Training Systems and Technical Support. >  More

Iomega Announces Easy Cloud Access for SMBs. >  More

VASCO Reveals DIGIPASS 837, Its First Acoustic Smart Card Reader. >  More

Onity™ Installs New Locking System for Extended Stay Hotels(sm). >  More

NICE Actimize Selected by First Hawaiian Bank to Provide Enterprise-Wide Financial Crime Case and Investigation Management. >  More

Symantec and FairWarning Help Assure Compliance With Federal and State Privacy Healthcare Laws. >  More

Unisys Secure Cloud Computing Solution Gives Clients Better, More Cost-Efficient Resource Management. >  More

Police departments team up with Amazon's cloud. >  More

Wave Signs EMEA Distribution Agreement With Origin Storage to Expand Reseller Channels. >  More

Atos, EMC and VMware to Form an Open Cloud Computing Strategic Alliance. >  More

Global Research Shows Mobile Malware Accelerating. >  More

IBM Completes Acquisition of DemandTec to Expand Smarter Commerce Initiative. >  More

Trend Micro Develops Advanced Cloud-Based Mobile Application Scanning Technology -- with Capacity to Process 5,000+ Apps Daily.>  More

New Crime Management System for the Norwegian National Police Directorate. >  More

Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia Issues 15,000 Cards per Day with Gemalto’s Instant EMV Card Issuance Solution. >  More

Symantec Releases Backup Exec Dedicated to 100 Percent Virtual Environments and Expands Data Protection for Small Businesses. >  More

CACI Awarded Prime Position on $476 Million Multiple-Award Contract to Provide Information Services Support. >  More

FICO Origination System Chosen by Banco Leon in the Dominican Republic. >  More

LoJack Announces New Self-Powered Stolen Vehicle Recovery System for Construction Equipment & Commercial Vehicles. >  More

Radware's Emergency Response Team Says Recent Cyber Attacks Proved Again the Need to Fight DDoS Attacks on All Fronts. >  More

BIO-key(R) Biometric ePassport Improves Security & Efficiency at Airport. >  More

Wave Launches Premier Cloud-Based Encryption Management Service for Centralized Data Protection. >  More

CA Technologies Announces CA Private Cloud Accelerator for Vblock™ Platforms. >  More

SGS and Savi Technology Announce Exclusive Worldwide Strategic Alliance to Deliver Groundbreaking Global Cargo and Asset Tracking Solution. >  More

OTI Receives an Initial $6.9 Million Contract to Supply Electronic Immigration Control System in Panama. >  More

SGS and Savi Technology Announce Exclusive Worldwide Strategic Alliance to Deliver Groundbreaking Global Cargo and Asset Tracking Solution. >  More

OTI Receives an Initial $6.9 Million Contract to Supply Electronic Immigration Control System in Panama. >  More

OSI Systems Selected by Aeroports de Paris for Advanced Baggage Inspection Solution. >  More

Equifax Debuts in the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for User Authentication. >  More

NCC Group Selects CA Technologies to Manage Its Corporate Sustainability Program. >  More

Las Vegas Metro Police Department Expands Public Safety Operations with IBM Crime Analytics Software. >  More

Videx was given the 2012 Top Product award by Building Operating Management magazine for its suite of CyberLock electromechanical lock cylinders and programmable smart keys. >  More

Deluxe Corporation's Webinar Offers Tips and Tools to Protect Small Businesses from Identity Theft. >  More

Magal Wins a $2.1 Million Contract to Secure Perimeters of Two Prisons in Latin America. >  More

Symantec's Clearwell eDiscovery Platform to Offer Transparent Predictive Coding to Enable Rapid and Defensible Automated Document Review. >  More

Kratos Receives $40 Million Prime Contract Award to Support Critical C4I for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Pacific. >  More

CACI Awarded $189 Million in Previously Unannounced Intelligence Contracts. >  More

OSI Systems Receives Six-Year Agreement for Approximately $400 Million to Provide Turnkey Screening Services to Mexico’s Tax Collection Authority. >  More

The Associated Press Sets the Bar for HD Video With EMC Isilon.>  More

CAE awarded military contracts valued at more than C$100 million. >  More

Symantec Announces Intelligent Information Governance to Mitigate Risks and Free Information. >  More

I.B.M. Makes Its Social Computing Strategy Smarter. >  More

AXIS Introduces Rugged Video Encoder for Extreme Environments. >  More

Akamai to Buy a Cloud Services Provider. >  More

CSC CloudCompute for Government Offers Federal Community Cloud That is Built Using NIST Guidelines. >  More

Lufthansa Cargo AG Chooses CA Technologies. >  More

Iomega Announces New StorCenter ix2 Network Storage -- Ideal for Content Sharing, Data Protection and Video Surveillance. >  More

Law Enforcement In-Car Laptop Computer Systems. >  More

Sprint Selects Mobile Network Director from Smith Micro. >  More

Biometric Associates announced that the baiMobile® 3000MP Bluetooth Smart Card Reader has been approved for use with Android smartphones and tablets by the US Department of Defense. The baiMobile® 3000MP is the first and only Bluetooth CAC/PIV reader to pass all NSA and DISA required Bluetooth security tests for Android devices. >  More

Comtech Telecommunications Receives $16.6 Million of Orders to Support the U.S. Army's Movement Tracking System and Blue-Force Tracking-1 Programs. >  More

CACI Awarded $39 Million Contract to Streamline and Automate Security Clearance Process for Defense Logistics Agency. >  More

Kratos Receives $6.6 Million in Contract Awards for Unmanned Aerial System, Command, Control & Communication. >  More

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Selects Symantec's Clearwell eDiscovery Platform. >  More

General Dynamics Awarded 70 Additional DURO Armoured Personnel Carriers for the Swiss Army. >  More

MSA Awarded Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Contract from Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire. >  More

Monarch Airlines Selects Goodrich SmartDisplay® Electronic Flight Bag System. >  More

OTI Signs $7 Million Core Technology License Agreement. >  More

Gemalto Deploys First Contactless EMV Payment Cards in Brazil for Santander Universities >  More

Protecting Children from Mobile Porn Gets Push from National Government. >  More

Trend Micro's Industry-Leading SMB Security Solutions Consistently Outperform Competitors in "Real-World" Threat Protection Tests >  More

New EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform Enhancements Simplify Delivery of Cloud Storage-as-a-Service -- Fully Functional in Minutes >  More

Honeywell Completes Fire Systems Upgrade and Life Safety Enhancements for California School District. >  More

Kratos on Winning Team for $105 Million Single Award Contract to Provide Army Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Technical Support. >  More

Samsung Partners With Wave to Extend Trusted Computing Security by Enabling Its Semiconductor Capabilities in PC, Tablet and Consumer Devices. >  More

New Big Data Solutions Provide Data Intensive Environments With Breakthrough Performance and Density. >  More

NICE Selected by US Outsourcer C3 for Improving Interaction Management and Enabling Real-time Payment Card Industry, PCI Compliance. >  More

Caixa Geral de Depositos France Implements VASCO's DIGIPASS Technology to Secure its Online Customer Base. >  More

Equifax and DocuSign Partner to Capture Electronic Signatures on Various Government Consent Forms. >  More

Security Software Provider Wave Systems Q3 Net Revenues Rose 42% to a Record $9.5M. >  More

Harris Corporation Awarded IDIQ Contract with Potential Value of $38 Million to Provide Tactical Radio Systems to International Partners of U.S. Southern Command. >  More

CACI Awarded Prime Position on $2.5 Billion Multiple-Award Contract to Provide Background Investigations for Office of Personnel Management. >  More

Symantec's New Vulnerability Assessment Finds Critical Vulnerabilities on More Than Half of Scanned Sites. >  More

Force Protection will be acquired by General Dynamics. >  More

GE and Juniper Networks to Develop Family of Rugged, Secure Network Appliances for Military Vehicles. >  More

Raytheon to Modernize US Air Force's Cryptographic Units. >  More

Mutual of Omaha Modernizes Security System and Increases ROI With FICO Rules Management. >  More

San Joaquin Valley College Selects EMC VNXe for "No Compromises" Simplicity, Scalability and VMware Software Integration. >  More

OSI Systems Receives $10 Million in Orders from Eastern European Customers for Cargo and Vehicle Inspection Systems. >  More

Symantec Survey Finds Global Critical Infrastructure Providers Less Aware and Engaged in Government Programs. >  More

Gemalto Trusted Services Manager Selected for Singapore’s Nation-wide Near Field Communication (NFC) Roll-out. >  More

Kratos Receives $8.3 Million Award for Installation of Specialized Training System at a U.S. Military Base. >  More

Intellicheck Mobilisa’s ScanINN™ Chosen by ACCOR Hotels. >  More

Cubic Receives Contactless EMV Bank Card Type Approval for Next-Generation Tri-Reader(R)3. >  More

McAfee and RSA Announce Joint Compliance and Risk Management Solution. EMC Reports Strong Demand. >  More

Trend Micro Increases Availability of Its Security Protection for Multiple Platforms and Devices. >  More

City of Charlotte Selects Alcatel-Lucent to Deploy Public Safety LTE Mobile Broadband Network. >  More

RSA Delivers Integrated, Strong and Invisible Authentication for Mobile Applications. >  More

LG Electronics Selects AuthenTec’s VPN Security for its Android Smartphones. >  More

Wave Announces Expansion Into EMEA Spurred by Increased Demand for Trusted Computing. >  More

Elbit Systems of America Delivers 1000th Enhanced Vision System. >  More

New Symantec DeepSight Reputation DataFeeds Identify Attack Actors, Malicious Activity Sources In Real-Time. >  More

EMC Supports National Cyber Security Awareness Month With Global Outreach Campaign. >  More

NICE Actimize Solutions Selected by Hancock Bank to Provide Financial Crime Protection. >  More

Accenture Delivers Construction Data Management Solution for Saipem. >  More

Trend Micro Releases Findings from Global Consumer Technology Use and Security Survey Focused on Parents and Kids >  More

Ceradyne Receives New Multi-Year ESAPI Contract With an Initial Delivery Order of $127 Million. >  More

Blue Coat Enables Businesses to Harness the Power of Web-Based Applications While Mitigating Risks. >  More

Cubic Awarded Contract for Its Surveillance and Control Data Link. >  More

Wave Acquires Data Loss Protection Leader Safend to Expand Its Endpoint Security Portfolio. >  More

Verint Kicks Off “Verint Community LIVE” in Cities Across North America. >  More

Radware's Attack Mitigation System Delivers the First Fully Integrated Solution To Fight Cyber Attacks in Real Time. >  More

Wave Achieves an Industry First With the Launch of Wave Endpoint Monitor for Early Detection of Advanced Persistent Threats . >  More

Verint Expands Channel Partner Program for Security Systems Integrators. >  More

Harris Corporation Opens World's Most Advanced Manufacturing Center for Tactical and Public Safety Radio Systems. >  More

OSI Systems Awarded Approximately $98 Million Order from U.S. Army for Entry Control Points. >  More

U.S. Senate Committee Approves $513 Billion Defense Bill for Fiscal 2012 >  More

Plymouth PD Purchases New TASER X2 ECDs. >  More

Trend Micro Announces the Next Generation Mobile Security Solution for the Android Platform. >  More

New York Military Facility Selects Intellicheck Mobilisa’s Fugitive Finder® System. >  More

Cyber Security Leaders Rally to Combat Advanced Persistent Threats >  More

Trend Micro Extends Innovative Threat Intelligence to HP ArcSight for Greater Visibility, Security in Datacenters and Clouds. >  More

BullGuard Selects Multiple Internet Security Solutions from Commtouch to Protect Millions of Users. >  More

Sourcefire Introduces Agile Security Vision, Highlights Need for Security Solutions to Move beyond Static Defenses. >  More

Norton to Deliver Personalized Security Service to Protect Consumers Across Multiple Devices.>  More

Global cybercrimes cost $114 billion annually. >  More

General Dynamics Joins Cyber Security Industry/University Cooperative Research Center Site at Virginia Tech. >  More

OSI Systems Receives Approximate $12 Million Order from TSA. >  More

Northrop Grumman Selected to Provide Department of the Navy With Advance Threat Warning Sensors. >  More

CA Technologies Helps NEC Offer Comprehensive Systems Management for Improved IT Services. >  More

FLIR Systems Awarded Contract Valued at up to $50 Million for Maintenance and Repair of U.S. Army Force Protection Systems. >  More

Raytheon Network Centric Systems Increases Focus on Public Safety Markets. >  More

ING Belgium Secures eBanking for Nearly One Million Customers with Gemalto’s Ezio End-to-End Authentication Solution. >  More

Florida Health Information Exchange Goes Live with Harris Direct Secure Messaging. >  More

Trend Micro Teams with VMware to Offer Solution for Agentless Security in Cloud Environments.>  More

Symantec Simplifies Backup and Recovery With New V-Ray Enabled Backup Appliances. >  More

Kratos Awarded $6 Million in Contracts to Provide Critical SATCOM Situational Awareness Products. >  More

Proximex and March Networks Integrate Surveillint with Video Management Platforms. >  More

IBM Unveils New Cloud Solution. >  More

Websense Wins Top Analyst Award for Email Security. >  More

CA Technologies Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention. >  More

Schlage Offers Design Savvy Homeowners New Choices in Door Locks. >  More

Garda First in North America to Provide Clients With SSAE No.16 and CSAE 3416 Certification of Rigorous Controls Safeguarding Their Assets and Information. >  More

ASEI Receives $31.8 Million Service and Maintenance Order to Support Detection Systems. >  More

VMware CEO Paul Maritz Highlights Benefits of Cloud Computing at DISA Customer & Industry Forum. >  More

Convenience Store Chain Chooses IBM to Collaborate in the Cloud. >  More

Verint Named “Top 10 Foreign Security Brand in China”. >  More

SAIC Awarded $29 Million Contract by U.S. Marine Corps System Command. >  More

AT&T Partners with Juniper Networks on Mobile Security. >  More

Diebold Solutions Streamline Regulatory Compliance for Community Trust Bank. >  More

Raytheon Awarded Nation's First Competitive Public Safety Long Term Evolution Broadband Communications Network Contract. >  More

Blue Coat Examines Malware Ecosystems in 2011 Mid-Year Web Security Report. >  More

Brocade and NetApp Simplify Cloud Storage. >  More

Protect Your Computer Against Summer Threats. >  More

3M Cogent Debuts BioTrust Biometric Logon Software. >  More

Symantec Analysis of Apple's iOS and Google's Android Platform Cites Improved Security Over PCs, but Major Gaps Remain. >  More

Force Protection Receives $71.3 Million in Awards for Additional Buffalo Vehicles and Field Service Representative Support. >  More

Absolute Software Helps Recover 20,000th Stolen Computer. >  More

IBM Takes University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to the Cloud. >  More

SRA Selected for Two Oman Surveillance Solutions. >  More

SAIC Awarded $89 Million Delivery Order To Support Key Air Force National Security Initiatives. >  More

Check Point Wins Network Security Vendor of the Year. >  More

Magal Receives US$5.6 Million Order to Extend the Perimeter Intrusion Protection System in an Eastern European Airport. >  More

New Challenges Emerging as Virtualization and Private Clouds Go Mainstream. >  More

Honeywell Wins $96 Million Contract for Safety and Mission Assurance Services at NASA. >  More

OSI Systems Receives $20 Million Order for Advanced Checked Baggage Inspection Systems Based on Real Time Tomography (RTT) Technology. >  More

SCM Microsystems Releases New NFC Reader Module for Commercial Application Developers. >  More

TASER Receives Large International Order. >  More

Gemalto to Provide Silicon Valley Bank with U.S. Issued EMV Chip Cards. >  More

Guidance for Organizations Concerned With the Vulnerability of Authentication Tokens. >  More

Magal Receives a US$ 4.6 Million Order to Secure Power Facilities in Eastern Europe. >  More

Garda and IFS Services Announce Industry's First Integration of Deposit Tracking with Armored Transportation Services. >  More

NEI Launches New Application Update Service for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Deployments. >  More

CSC Offers Government Clients Fast, Easy Access to Security Solutions Under New GSA Contract. >  More

I.D. Systems to Partner With Spectro Inc. to Develop Equipment Health Monitoring Technology for the U.S. Army. >  More

New NetApp(R) SnapProtect(R) Management Software Accelerates and Simplifies Data Protection for Shared IT Infrastructures. >  More

NCI Awarded $58 Million NETCOM G5 IDIQ Contract. >  More

OTI Receives New $6 Million Order in Support of Next Stage Expansion of National eID Program. >  More

Raytheon Receives $20 Million Order to Provide Encrypted Identification Technology. >  More

LA Airport Completes Implementation of NICE's Situation Management Solution. >  More

U.S. Defense Department Selects Northrop Grumman to Continue Support of the Automated Biometric Identification System. >  More

Harris Corporation Selected by Linn County, Iowa, for $18 Million Contract to Upgrade Public Safety Communications System. >  More

NXP and Identive Sign Multi-Year Value Added Reseller Agreement. >  More

PAETEC Launches Powerful Cloud Computing Portfolio and Nationwide Data Center Expansion. >  More

L-3 Awarded U.S. Navy, Air Force C-12 Contractor Logistics Support Contracts. >  More

New Research Shows Cyber Criminals Moving Operations to Canada. >  More

University of Colorado Boulder Uses VASCO's Strong Authentication to Prevent Malicious Attacks. >  More

Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Data Center Solution Gains Market Momentum. >  More

Accenture and SAP Announce Strategic Relationship to Develop and Deploy New Mobility Solutions. >  More

Ten Years After 9/11, Widespread Concerns About Terrorist Attacks on Airports, Mass Transit and Public Gatherings Persist, According to Unisys Research. >  More

Diebold to Install Approximately 1,700 ATMs for State Bank of India. >  More

Harris Corporation Receives $19 Million Order from Nation in Asia for Tactical Communications System. >  More

URS to Provide Equipment Maintenance Services to the U.S. Marine Corps. >  More

OTI Awarded a Ten-Year Contract to Supply EasyFuel System to a Government Agency With Initial Order Totals $2.5 million. >  More

Radware's Application Delivery Controller Solutions Provide Maximum Availability, Scalability, Performance and Security to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. >  More

Businesses Lack Safeguards Against DDoS Attacks and DNS Failures. >  More

Northrop Grumman Awarded $372M Contract to Develop EHF Satellite Communications. >  More

Arotech Receives $63.4 Million Order for U.S. Army Virtual Clearance Training Suites. >  More

L-3 STRATIS Awarded Special Operations Contract for Enterprise Information Technology Services. >  More

Force Protection Receives $106.9 Million Award for Additional 1,000 Independent Suspension System Kits for U.S. Marine Corps Cougar Fleet. >  More

U.S. Government Expands BioThrax Procurement Contract to 17.92M Doses from 14.5M Increasing Contract Value by up to $101 Million. >  More

Accenture and SAP Announce Strategic Relationship to Develop and Deploy New Mobility Solutions. >  More

Ten Years After 9/11, Widespread Concerns About Terrorist Attacks on Airports, Mass Transit and Public Gatherings Persist, According to Unisys Research. >  More

Diebold to Install Approximately 1,700 ATMs for State Bank of India. >  More

Harris Corporation Receives $19 Million Order from Nation in Asia for Tactical Communications System. >  More

URS to Provide Equipment Maintenance Services to the U.S. Marine Corps. >  More

OTI Awarded a Ten-Year Contract to Supply EasyFuel System to a Government Agency With Initial Order Totals $2.5 million. >  More

Radware's Application Delivery Controller Solutions Provide Maximum Availability, Scalability, Performance and Security to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. >  More

Businesses Lack Safeguards Against DDoS Attacks and DNS Failures. >  More

Northrop Grumman Awarded $372M Contract to Develop EHF Satellite Communications. >  More

Arotech Receives $63.4 Million Order for U.S. Army Virtual Clearance Training Suites. >  More

L-3 STRATIS Awarded Special Operations Contract for Enterprise Information Technology Services. >  More

Force Protection Receives $106.9 Million Award for Additional 1,000 Independent Suspension System Kits for U.S. Marine Corps Cougar Fleet. >  More

U.S. Government Expands BioThrax Procurement Contract to 17.92M Doses from 14.5M Increasing Contract Value by up to $101 Million. >  More

MSA Announces Record First Quarter Sales. >  More

Garda Delivers Best Financial Results in Its History. >  More

URS to Acquire Federal IT Services Provider Apptis. >  More

Kratos Awarded $3.8 Million Contract to Provide Specialized Electronics for U.S. Navy Electronic Attack Aircraft. >  More

Novell Completes Merger with Attachmate. >  More

Websense Reports Record First Quarter Billings and Revenue, Reiterates 2011 Guidance Ranges. >  More

Raytheon BBN Technologies Awarded $10 Million to Improve Command and Control Systems. >  More

Symantec Announces April 2011 MessageLabs Intelligence Report. >  More

Novell Releases Identity Manager 4 Standard Edition. >  More

Frost & Sullivan: Advanced Web, Email, and Data Loss Prevention Technologies Enable Websense to Lead Content Filtering Market. >  More

TASER Receives Two Large Orders. >  More

Department of Defense Awards LifePort Five-Year Contract for Up to $45.5 million. >  More

Air Force Central Command Awards Northrop Grumman $99 Million Base Security and Support Services Contract. >  More

Wave Announces Support for White House's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace. >  More

Valero Texas Open Selects Hosted Video Solution from Axis and NAVCO to Secure PGA Tour Event. >  More

URS announced it has acquired BP Barber, a privately held civil engineering firm specializing in water and wastewater infrastructure. >  More

BASF Selects Wave in $3.5 Million Agreement to Protect Sensitive Data on Corporate Laptops. >  More

Global Retailer Selects Proven March Networks Software and Services in $2.4 Million Deal. >  More

CSC Announces $348 Million IT Services Contract Extension with Tryg. >  More

Unisys to Support Mission-Critical In-Store Systems for New Zealand's Leading Grocery Distributor. >  More

NTT DOCOMO Selects Gemalto for Japan’s First LTE Commercial Roll-Out. >  More

CA Automates the Delivery of Cloud and Virtualized Services. >  More

Department of Veteran Affairs Selects Authentidate for Telehealth Solutions. >  More

SAIC Awarded Contract by FAA. >  More

TeleCommunication Systems Receives DIACAP Certification for Its Continuity Alert System. >  More

CSC Announces $348 Million IT Services Contract Extension with Tryg. >  More

Unisys to Support Mission-Critical In-Store Systems for New Zealand's Leading Grocery Distributor. >  More

NTT DOCOMO Selects Gemalto for Japan’s First LTE Commercial Roll-Out. >  More

CA Automates the Delivery of Cloud and Virtualized Services. >  More

Department of Veteran Affairs Selects Authentidate for Telehealth Solutions. >  More

SAIC Awarded Contract by FAA. >  More

TeleCommunication Systems Receives DIACAP Certification for Its Continuity Alert System. >  More

General Dynamics Selected by Department of Justice to Provide Information Technology Support Services. >  More

IBM Unveils Smart Cloud Services and Technologies for the Enterprise. >  More

Accenture Adds Digital Mail to Postal Portfolio. >  More

Gemalto Mobile NFC Payment Application First in the World Certified by MasterCard. >  More

CA Technologies Offers RSA SecurID® Customers Opportunity to Trade their RSA Tokens for CA ArcotID Secure Software Credential. >  More

URS won a FEMA contract to provide technical and research services to the agency’s Risk Reduction Division. >  More

eSignSystems' New SmartSAFE Release Improves Efficiency & Transparency of Electronic Mortgage Transactions. >  More

RAE Systems Introduces Compact, All-in-One Radiation Detector and Dosimeter. >  More

Symantec Brings Strong Authentication Credentials to iPad With VeriSign(R) Identity Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile. >  More

General Dynamics Selected by Department of Justice to Provide Information Technology Support Services. >  More

IBM Unveils Smart Cloud Services and Technologies for the Enterprise. >  More

Accenture Adds Digital Mail to Postal Portfolio. >  More

Gemalto Mobile NFC Payment Application First in the World Certified by MasterCard. >  More

CA Technologies Offers RSA SecurID® Customers Opportunity to Trade their RSA Tokens for CA ArcotID Secure Software Credential. >  More

URS won a FEMA contract to provide technical and research services to the agency’s Risk Reduction Division. >  More

eSignSystems' New SmartSAFE Release Improves Efficiency & Transparency of Electronic Mortgage Transactions. >  More

RAE Systems Introduces Compact, All-in-One Radiation Detector and Dosimeter. >  More

Symantec Brings Strong Authentication Credentials to iPad With VeriSign(R) Identity Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile. >  More

NICE Introduces New Version of Security Situation Management Solution With Greater Openness and Interoperability. >  More

McAfee said it will acquire database security company Sentrigo >  More

Novell Delivers Business Service Management Solution In Support of SAP® ITSM Application. >  More

EMC said in a recent 8K filing that its security division RSA had witnessed a sophisticated cyber attack. >  More

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliances Enable Organizations to Actively Migrate Users to More Secure Internet Explorer Browser.>  More

SAIC Awarded Contract by the U.S. Navy, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic. >  More

Sweden Renews Multi-Year Contract on ePassports and eID Cards with Gemalto. >  More

Wave Q4 Revenues Rose 35% to $7.0 Million and 2010 Revenues Increased 38% to $26.1 Million. >  More

CACI Awarded Prime Position on $30 Billion Multiple-Award Contract to Provide IT Support for Federal Bureau of Investigation. >  More

CA Technologies and Unisys Extend Alliance to Offer Joint Cloud Solutions. >  More

NetOne Deploys Gemalto’s End-to-End Mobile Money Solution in Zimbabwe. >  More

Zebra's Latest RXi4 RFID Printer/Encoder Provides for Advanced Item-Level Tagging From Supply Chain to Retail Floor. >  More

Diebold to Manage 1,100 Axis Bank ATMs in India. >  More

Gemalto announced full year 2010 record results. Revenues and Operation Profits increased by 19%. Olivier Piou, CEO, commented: "On this solid basis we intend to continue to grow our revenue and profit in 2011, leveraging in particular the acquisitions we’ve made, and are bolstered in our ability to deliver on the € 300 million profit from operations target in 2013.” >  More

Iron Mountain offers webcast on consumer privacy. >  More

Elbit Systems Awarded Contract for the U.S. Air Force. >  More

Sentry Technology reported financial results for 2010. Revenues for the year ended December 31, 2010 were $9,914,000 compared to $9,665,000 reported in 2009. The net loss was $1,531,000, or $(0.01) per share in 2010, compared to $1,850,000, or $(0.02) per share in 2009. >  More

Juniper Networks Protects Customers From New Microsoft Vulnerabilities. >  More

General Dynamics Awarded $199 Million Ammunition Contract for Expeditionary Fire Support System. >  More

Websense Shows Clear Leadership With Security, Productivity, and Compliance Tools for the Social Web. >  More

Johnson Controls Guarantees $4.7 Billion in Savings for U.S. Public Sector Energy Efficiency Projects. >  More

Ponemon Study Indicates Organizational Data Breach Costs Hit $7.2 Million and Show No Sign of Leveling Off. >  More

Wave Q3 Revenues Rose 164% to $4.8 Million With Record Total Billings of $5.2 Million. >  More

Digimarc for Images 4.0 Helps Enterprises Better Manage and Monitor Image Assets in the Digital Age. >  More

Hyatt Selects Trintech for Financial Process Compliance. >  More

VeriSign Helps Germany 's Postbank Customers See Secure Mobile Banking on Their iPhone. >  More

Axcess International Licenses Genuine HID TechnologyTM for Long-Range RFID Wireless Credentials >  More

CSC Wins DHS IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security Task Order. >  More

OSI Systems Receives $17.2 Million IDIQ from U.S. Customs & Border Protection for Mobile X-Ray Inspection Vans. >  More

Hypercom and Voltage Security Team to Defend Payment Card Data and Merchant Brand Reputation with End-to-End Security. >  More

LoJack Announces Next Generation Self-Powered Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. >  More

Henry Bros. said it has contracted with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to provide airport security technology for Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport . >  More

ICOP announced the receipt of a $244,000 order for 46 ICOP 20/20 VISION(TM) systems; 40 units will go to the Billings Police Department and 6 units to the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office.>  More

Kratos Selected for $2.7M Healthcare Information Technology, Communication System and Patient Safety Contract, Including Options. >  More

Diebold-Designed ValiTech(R) Strengthens Access Control at the ATM. >  More

StrongMail and Equifax Launch Social Media-Powered Email Solution for New Customer Acquisition. >  More

CA Launches Internet Security Suite Plus 2010 Offering More Complete Protection for Your Family and Your Personal Data. >  More

Integral Systems Reaffirms Fiscal Year 2009 Guidance and Announces Fiscal Year 2010 Guidance. >  More

McAfee, Inc. Announces Strategy to Lead Email Security Market. >  More

PAETEC Announces Continued Expansion of Ethernet Local Loop Access Nationwide. >  More

Cybercriminals Use Fear and Anxiety to Convince Users to Buy Rogue Security Software. >  More

Juniper Networks Protects Customers from New Microsoft Vulnerabilities. >  More

SAP and Novell Expand Global Partnership to Help Customers Deliver Confident Business and IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Programs. >  More

VidSys and Henry Bros. Electronics, Inc. Announce VAR Partnership. >  More

CSC Expands Cyber Security Capabilities With New Cryptographic Testing Offering. >  More

McAfee Expands Cybercrime Initiative to Include Critical Infrastructure Protection.>  More

L-1 Identity Solutions Awarded Five-Year Sole Source Contract for U.S. Passport Printing Valued at Up to $195 Million.>  More

Zebra Technologies Introduces Advanced RFID Firmware Update to RZ Series Printers. >  More

Stanley Awarded $30 Million Contract to Provide Logistical Management Support to U.S. Army. >  More

Gemalto and OpenTrust Jointly Provide Integrated Enterprise Security Solution. >  More

ICOP Receives Strategic Order From U.S. Army.>  More

Cubic Receives $40 Million Order to Train U.S. Military Advisors. >  More

Xerox to buy ACS in $6.4 billion cash-and-stock deal. >  More

TASER International Receives An Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Contract from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. >  More

Largest Privately Funded Library Chooses SonicWALL to Consolidate Its Network Security. >  More

VeriSign(R) Identity Protection Offers Second Layer of Protection for Small Businesses Deploying New Cisco SA 500 Series Security Appliances. >  More

FLIR Systems Announces Delivery Order for $15.4 Million From the U.S. Army. >  More

Protection One Unveils New Online Security Management System. >  More

American Science and Engineering, Inc. Receives $18.8 Million Order for its Proprietary Cargo Inspection Systems. >  More

Wave Releases Beta Version of, a Hardware-Secured, Single Sign-on Identity Service for the Web.>  More

McAfee, Inc. Expands Next-Generation Web Security for HP BladeSystem Architecture.>  More

Gemalto and Vodafone Group R&D Win IDDY Award for Remote Strong Authentication of OpenIDs>  More

Oshkosh Defense Awarded Additional 352 M-ATVs worth $189 Million.>  More

ICOP Digital announces the sale of ICOP Model 20/20-W digital in-car video systems to the Highway Patrol in the State of Queretaro, Mexico.>  More

VASCO Data Security announced a new version of aXsGUARD(®) Identifier.>  More

Smith & Wesson reported record quarterly sales of $102 Million (+30%) record quarterly net income of $12.6 million (+458%).>  More

Wave Systems Collaborates on Open Identity Initiative for Federal Government. >  More

RAE Systems Introduces Additional Wireless MeshGuard Monitors.>  More

Symantec Launches Norton 2010 Products, Introducing New Detection Technologies in the Fight Against Cyber Crime. >  More

Gemalto Acquires Trusted Logic, a Leading Provider of Secure Software Platforms >  More

Nigeria's InterSwitch Selects Gemalto's Complete Strong Authentication Solution to Secure their e-Payment Services >  More

Saudi Arabia Deploying ICOP Units >  More

STIB Rolls-Out Gemalto Contactless Transport Cards in Brussels >  More

VeriSign Launches 90-Day Free Trial of VeriSign(R) Identity Protection.>  More

PAETEC Announces Availability of IP Simple Solutions Product.>  More

What's in A Name? Equifax Identity Report Adds Credibility to Person-to-Person Transactions Online or Offline.>  More

Applied Signal Technology wins $200 million ISR Contract.>  More

VASCO Data Security announced a new version of aXsGUARD(®) Identifier.>  More

Smith & Wesson reported record quarterly sales of $102 Million (+30%) record quarterly net income of $12.6 million (+458%).>  More

Wave Systems Collaborates on Open Identity Initiative for Federal Government. >  More

RAE Systems Introduces Additional Wireless MeshGuard Monitors.>  More

Symantec Launches Norton 2010 Products, Introducing New Detection Technologies in the Fight Against Cyber Crime. >  More

Gemalto Acquires Trusted Logic, a Leading Provider of Secure Software Platforms >  More

Nigeria's InterSwitch Selects Gemalto's Complete Strong Authentication Solution to Secure their e-Payment Services >  More

Saudi Arabia Deploying ICOP Units >  More

STIB Rolls-Out Gemalto Contactless Transport Cards in Brussels >  More

VeriSign Launches 90-Day Free Trial of VeriSign(R) Identity Protection.>  More

PAETEC Announces Availability of IP Simple Solutions Product.>  More

What's in A Name? Equifax Identity Report Adds Credibility to Person-to-Person Transactions Online or Offline.>  More

Applied Signal Technology wins $200 million ISR Contract.>  More

First International Bank of Israel implements NICE interaction analytics.>  More

IBM simplifies unified communications for SMBs.>  More

3Com announced it has won a significant deal with Empresa de Tecnologia da Informaçăo do Ceará for the Gigafor project.>  More

Deluxe announced the launch of EasyContact(SM) by Deluxe, a free email marketing solution.>  More

Check Point® Software announced SmartWorkflow™, a new security management software blade that provides customers the option of extending their security infrastructure with policy change management functionality.>  More

Elbit announced that it was awarded a contract by the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the operation and maintenance of the new Israeli Air Force's trainer, Beechcraft T-6 ("Effroni"). >  More

McAfee announced the release of McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™) 4.5 software to help secure organizations from a vast and ever-growing threat landscape.>  More

ICx said that the U.S. Army has purchased Fido® XTi™ explosives-detection systems for use by the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Police.>  More

SecureWorks said it closed its acquisition of the Managed Security Services business from VeriSign.>  More

CACI awarded $30 Million contract to support U.S. Army ammunition management system.>  More

First American announced that it has made an offer to acquire First Advantage. >  More

The economic downturn has not affected the way consumers shop online, instead, fears about online security and personal information are the biggest drivers behind terminated online sales, according to a study released today by McAfee. >  More

VeriSign announced a strategic relationship whereby iDefense intelligence is integrated with scanning data from QualysGuard Vulnerability Management.>  More

New IBM Security software delivers 'holistic' approach to identity and access management.>  More

Ness Technologies announced a multi-million dollar contract to provide its NessControl command and control system to a major Latin American government.>  More

Nokia Siemens and Juniper are combining their respective strengths in Optical and IP networking to create a solution that brings the two complementary technologies closer together.>  More

Government stimulus funding totaling $5 trillion has unintentionally introduced new opportunities for fraud and corruption worldwide, according to the latest edition of the Kroll Global Fraud Report.>  More

Saudi Ministry migrates to high-performance network from Juniper Networks.>  More

Alliant Techsystems and its international teammate Humbert CTTS SAS have received a contract to supply Speer Gold Dot 9mm ammunition as the new duty ammunition for the entire French police department.>  More

GVI Security said it was selected to provide a video surveillance solution to the Police and Fire Departments of a large New Jersey City.>  More

VASCO's DIGIPASS for SMBs now available in Europe, India and Australia. >  More

CA Security testifies before Congress on need for more cyber security research. >  More

Harris to acquire the air traffic control business unit of SolaCom. >  More

NetApp and Data Domain enter into revised acquisition agreement. >  More

GVI Security to provide complete video surveillance solution for Illinois shopping mall. >  More

Check Point announces immediate availability of IP appliances integrated with security software blades. >  More

Active Power announces $3.0 million private placement.>  More

Veritas Capital acquires Kroll Government Services.>  More

GVI Security Solutions wins school video surveillance project. >  More

ACS and Novell launch strategic partnership. >  More

Garda reports strong first quarter results. >  More

Verint systems extends public safety market momentum with EADS Defence & Security TWISP application developer program. >  More

Gemalto acquires mobile software solution provider O3SIS. >  More

Raytheon to build more AESA radars for U.S. Navy Super Hornets. >  More

GVI Security Solutions Announces Acquisition. >  More

Finnish Defense has selected Accenture to transform its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution into a defense industry solution. >  More

Motorola announced its 802.11n Wireless Enterprise Branch Office Solution, which allows customers to quickly deploy resilient, secure and voice-enabled branch office wireless LANs. >  More

Elbit awarded contract with potential of up to $197.5 million to provide mortar fire control systems integration to U.S Army. >  More

ICx reported a 1Q revenue increase of 32% increase year-over-year.>  More

GVI Security reports 9th consecutive profitable quarter. >  More

Websense research reveals a growing domain-name cloning trend among cybercriminals seeking to take advantage of the huge number of social networking users, particularly those using Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. >  More

Curtiss-Wright was awarded a multi-million dollar contract for ASIST helicopter handling system.>  More

Wave Systems reported results for Q1: net revenues rose 137% to $4.0 million principally reflecting increased bundled software royalties as well as higher services revenue related to a contract with the U.S. government.>  More

Versar announces highest quarterly revenue in Company's history.>  More

L-1 was awarded a contract from State of Colorado to continue driver's license issuance.>  More

CSC receives U.S. Army maintenance support task orders worth $347 million.>  More

Axis Communications said that Tampa Bay Downs has installed its video encoders for recording surveillance video at gaming facilities.>  More

McAfee threat report reveals 12 million new IP addresses have been hijacked by Botnets. >  More

Smith & Wesson announced that the Milwaukee Police Department will equip its entire 2,000-officer force with its M&P Series pistols. >  More