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Mr. Kenichi (Kevin) Mori
Security Systems Division

Sony Electronics Thank you for joining us today Kevin. Before discussing Sony's security capabilities in greater detail, please tell us about your background.

Kevin Mori: I am the director of Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division, based in Park Ridge, New Jersey.  I oversee business development and partnerships for the security group, which is part of Sony Electronics’ Professional Solutions of America group.  I started my Sony career doing business-to -business sales and product marketing in China before moving to the security marketing division in Japan and then coming to the U.S.  I received my Master’s degree in Australia and my Bachelor’s in Japan.  Between my schooling and my career, I’ve learned and worked nearly everywhere in the world! We read with great interest about Sony Electronics’ recent announcement regarding  the company’s latest outdoor IP camera, the SNC-VB632D. Please give us an overview of this new product and Sony’s product line including:  360-Degree Cameras; Transportation Cameras; E Series IP Cameras and X Series.

Kevin Mori: The SNC-VB632D is a full HD infrared bullet camera with Sony’s IPELA ENGINE EX technology.  It can be used in a range of applications, including transportation and city surveillance and due to its infrared illuminator and white LED illuminator, the camera can create crisp and detailed video in color or black and white, with the seamless, automatic ability to toggle to color when motion is detected.  The camera excels in low-light and high-contrast conditions, offers a stable image and is great at identifying details such as faces.

In terms of 360° Hemispheric-view-Cameras, our H Series, is comprised of the SNC-HM662 dome camera.  This camera has a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor, used for situational awareness and monitoring.  The viewing modes on this camera include a 360° hemispheric view, 180° panoramic view, and multiple view, among its 11 modes.

Many of Sony's security cameras are optimized for transportation related applications, including the X Series.  The SNC-XM636 and the SNC-XM637 are great for use on-board trains, because of the high picture quality they deliver, as well as their wide horizontal viewing angles. Meanwhile the SNC-VB635, part of the elite V series, is used in transportation applications because of its highly sensitive Exmor CMOS sensor and abilities in low-light environments.

The E Series with IPELA ENGINE EX System provides a cost effective method for less involved security needs, while still offering robust and necessary features including analytics, image stabilization, easy installation, vandal-resistance and picture mode.  These IP cameras come in a variety of designs, including mini dome and fixed.

The X Series with IPELA ENGINE EX System offers four models: the SNC-XM631 1080/30p indoor mini dome, SNC-XM632 1080/30p outdoor mini dome, for use in vehicles and general outdoor applications, while two models - the SNC-XM636 and SNC-XM637 - are best suited for use on-board trains. It is indeed a validation of Sony’s positioning to have been selected by the Security Industry Association as “Best of Video Surveillance Cameras IP” in 2014. Care to elaborate? Any other awards you care to mention?

Kevin Mori: We are always pleased and honored to be recognized by our industry, especially by one of the top security trade organizations, at one of our biggest shows of the year.  This recognition is a testament to the quality and functionality of our products.  The X series was honored as the best out of all of the new IP cameras being shown, so the award has even more significance to us.

Some other recent awards, on a global scale include: Sony’s IPELA ENGINE PRO SNC-WR632 camera received an MTP 2014 Golden Medal in Poland and the SMC-VB635 received an Excellence Award at Secutech 2014 in Asia. Nationally, we were just named a Readers' Choice winner for our CCTV cameras by Facility Executive Magazine. Are there any other new products, services or solutions you would like to discuss?

Kevin Mori: 4K will continue to be a big topic of discussion in the security industry and, without giving too much away just yet, Sony will announce new products that allow our customers to take part in the 4K trend easily and cost-effectively.  Sony is already fully involved in 4K for broadcast and video production, and migrating from full HD to 4K is something we hope to do in security this year.  While it’s not necessary for every type of security camera, it is certainly beneficial when looking for smaller, sharper details and zooming in without losing critical information. Sony’s track record and brand recognition is truly second to none in this highly competitive space. What is your perspective, Kevin, regarding the unique value proposition Sony delivers to its’ customers? Please tell us more about 4K Technology and why your customers are best-served in choosing Sony?

Kevin Mori:  Sony is a brand people recognize and trust for its cutting-edge technological advancements and top-notch products.  When you buy a Sony, you know you are getting a durable, high quality, long lasting product.  We hear time and again that we make the best image sensors around, and that is something we feel is very important, especially in the security industry.

Sony believes that 4K will be the next high resolution standard in the security industry, and while many companies have begun to offer 4K models, the prices are at a premium.  Again, we plan to offer costumers this technology at a reasonable cost soon.  Sony is a champion and leader of 4K in a diverse range of markets and applications including television and movie production, sports and live events, so we know the technology and how to deliver it. What are your key target markets?

Kevin Mori: Security is essential in so many different markets and applications including retail, transportation, law enforcement, ports and utilities and education, among others. Can we discuss the Sports Venue market in greater detail? Tens of thousands of people at a FIFA World Cup soccer game or an NFL football game, and millions of people converging in a defined area such as at the New York City Marathon, presents a unique set of extremely challenging security concerns. Sony has had significant wins in each of high profile venues. Please tell us more about the solutions Sony delivered in these environments?

Kevin Mori: Security is critical in the sports venue market, especially considering how many people attend a given event.  Stadiums present several different needs and challenges, as they can be well lit during the day, allowing you to see detail easily across the stadium, but at night, the needs are different, so they need to be equipped with a range of cameras.  

Sony managed the A/V system installation at Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers.  The project included hundreds of security cameras, installed throughout the stadium, practice facility, workout facility, parking lot and retail space to help safeguard players, fans, employees and vendors.

Additionally, in both 2013 and 2014 Sony’s IP cameras were used to secure and provide situational awareness for runners and spectators at the world’s biggest marathon, the New York City Marathon.  Safety and security at large scale events, like a marathon, have become a top priority and we have a wide range of cameras to support these needs from dome, bullet, 360 degree and pan-tilt-zoom.  We supported the marathon with more than 50 of Sony's security cameras along the final leg of the route and at the finish line.

Finally, hundreds of Sony's state-of-the-art security cameras were in place during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer. Sony was chosen for a variety of reasons, including its international scope, track record of success, previous work in stadium settings, as well as the seamless integration into Minas Arena’s current CCTV infrastructure. Kevin, with everything moving to the cloud, please tell us about Sony’s strategic relationship with Next Level Security Systems to deliver an affordable, scalable cloud-based video surveillance solution: IPELA CLOUD Serviced by NextConnect Video.

Kevin Mori: The cloud has a great deal of potential for the High Residential segment and SMB market. Sony launched IPELA CLOUD Serviced by NextConnect Video in autumn 2014 and this is the joint solution with Next Level Security Systems. While Sony is providing a high quality Cloud based security camera, Next Level is providing Cloud service. The joint solution is very affordable, scalable and a high quality cloud-based video surveillance solution. What Resources, Articles and Case Studies are available for the security community at

Kevin Mori:  All of our resources, articles and case studies can be accessed on our website at Thanks again for joining us today, Kevin. Are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

Kevin Mori: Sony offers an extensive reseller program called SSPR (Sony Security Preferred Reseller) to the reseller community, which we believe meets their needs. Once a reseller signs up to be a part of the SSPR program, they can leverage the strength of Sony's Project Registration Program, feel protected by its Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) initiative, and take advantage of its certification program.

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