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Andrew Schonzeit
Idesco Corp.  Thank you for joining us today, Andy, and congratulations on recently celebrating Idesco’s 75th Anniversary !  That’s indeed quite a milestone and it speaks volumes about your market positioning. Before drilling down into Idesco’s solutions, please tell us about your background.

Andrew Schonzeit: I have been in the ID industry pretty much my entire life. My grandfather, Hyman Schonzeit founded Identification Service Corp. in 1943 in the heart of New York City as a manufacturer of laminated credentials and safety tags. The company was providing the War Department with ID cards, which involved taking a person’s photo, developing Kodak film, cutting the picture out, and laminating it to a card-sized piece of paper. My father, Jack Schonzeit took over in 1953 and Identification Service Corp. became Idesco Corp. I was then brought into the family business and became president of Idesco in 1984. Since then, we have been providing ID card solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes and all industries. For me, it has always been about keeping up with the latest technology and offering ID solutions that bring true value to our customers. One will read on that, “There's a reason Idesco has been an industry leader for over 7 decades. Dedicated, experienced ID card specialists help you find the exact card printing solution to meet your needs and your budget. If this is your first ID card printer or you've used ID cards for years, you can rely on Idesco for best-in-class service, the biggest selection of solutions available, and everything you need for a successful ID card program.” Care to elaborate?

Andrew Schonzeit: Implementing a successful ID card program can be overwhelming and there is usually a lot more involved than just buying a card printer. Customers choose Idesco because they can come to us with any ID project and we can spec it in record time and provide them with all the products and services that they need. From ID card printers, printer supplies and badge accessories to any type of technology cards, we got it all. We also have a team of technicians who provide unparalleled support for everything that we sell. Our expertise allows us to assist each customer with their unique needs and we are here to help at all times. 

For example, we work with many schools, colleges and universities that rely on us to provide them with the best card printers and technology cards to issue student IDs, staff IDs and visitor badges on demand in the most effective and secure way. We also work with healthcare facilities that need to have their ID card system running at all times and rely on us to answer any questions or fix any issues that they may have in a timely manner. Government agencies need the most secure and durable ID card solutions and trust us to deliver them and keep them up-to-date on the latest technology. We always want to bring true value to our clients and that’s what we focus on. We understand that Idesco has a commanding niche in EVENT SECURITY such as concerts, sporting events, and conferences, for example, where large ID badges and oversized ID card printers are required. Please tell us more about part of your business and the work you’ve done for Adobe, Google and Intel?

Andrew Schonzeit: A few years ago, event managers didn’t have a lot of options if they wanted to personalize professional event badges on the spot so we decided to invest in unique solutions that would allow them to do so easily and affordably and that’s what we did with the XXL 2.0 printer. This printer is designed to personalize large badges (3.46” x 4.88” or 3.46” x 5.51”) and is now widely used by event management companies to issue high-quality plastic badges on demand. Most event companies only need these printers for the duration of their event so we have developed a rental program to provide them with printers whenever they need them. As of today, we have a rental pool of 40+ XXL printers, which is pretty unique in the industry. In addition to the XXL printer, we also offer every other oversized ID solution available on the market, including the Zebra ZC10L, SwiftColor, and Matica XL8300 printers – and yes, we do have a rental pool for these printers as well.

In addition to the printers, we provide supplies - including preprinted badges - at very competitive prices. We can supply cards with any type of technology – including RFID, UHF and NFC – and can deliver any quantity within a few weeks. Large corporations like the ones that you mentioned typically go for the XXL printers and use preprinted cards with RFID or UHF technology. 

“With the thousands of transactions that occur daily, we are thrilled with the number of granted entrances or non-granted entrances. We could have so many complications, but everything works flawlessly. We couldn’t be happier.” George D. Yang, Administrator of ID Center/Public Safety at Baruch College.  Can we talk about the Government market for a moment?  Is Idesco available to Federal Government customers via GSA?  How about New York State customers?

Andrew Schonzeit: Absolutely – Idesco has a GSA contract to serve any type of government agency. Customers can purchase off Idesco’s GSA Schedule on or send a Request for Quote (RFQ) through GSA e-Buy. We also have a New York State contract and offer NYS pricing for all our products. Before we wrap up today Andy…it’s quite an impressive list of Idesco partners – care to comment on these strategic relationships?

Andrew Schonzeit: We wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t developed strong strategic relationships with our vendors. Over the years, we have built amazing partnerships with every key player in the industry. As a result, we are able to offer the best solutions at the best prices to our customers. Once again, it comes down to creating value for our clients and it all starts with finding the right partners, building strong relationships, and of course maintaining these relationships. We get tremendous support from our vendors are very grateful to continue growing with them. Thanks again for joining us today, Andrew. Any other subjects you’d like to discuss?

Andrew Schonzeit: I just want to thank our partners and of course, our clients for trusting us over the years. We look forward to serving businesses and organizations for many years to come.