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We sat down with Tim Gilman, CEO, Cyber Armed Security™, who spoke to us about the innovations his company is undertaking in addressing cyber threats and their new partnership with Steve Cocco of Security Strategies Today.

Cyber Armed Security™ Your firm seems to have found a unique place in Cyber Security. Please tell us a little more about Cyber Armed Security:

Cyber Armed Security™: Cyber Armed Security is a pioneering force in the realm of cybersecurity, where ethical hackers unite to safeguard the digital landscape. Our journey began when a group of highly skilled hackers, recognizing their exceptional talents on global training platforms, came together to form a formidable cybersecurity enterprise. What started as a passion quickly evolved into a thriving venture that has expanded its horizons into intelligence services, drawing expertise from veterans of intelligence agencies and military regiments, including electronic warfare specialists. As I'm sure you are aware, cyber security is ever-evolving and must stay a step ahead of new and emerging threats.  How is Cyber Armed Security preparing for the future and how is it addressing the growing threat emerging in various business and social realms?  What makes you stand out? 

Cyber Armed Security™: Today, we proudly stand as a rapidly growing cybersecurity entity, poised to diversify our portfolio with the imminent launch of two to three new brands. Our expansion strategy encompasses ventures into private investigations for businesses (B2B), consumer markets, and even polygraph testing. Additionally, we are strengthening our presence in private security services, executive protection, and global operations, harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and open-source intelligence for enhanced security and advanced threat detection.  Our penetration testing services gain a distinct edge through teamwork. Recognizing that most real-world cyberattacks are orchestrated by groups, we deploy diverse skill sets by having at least two to three testers on every project. This collaborative effort, combined with the intelligence capabilities of our organization, ensures comprehensive security assessments.  I'll note as well that innovation is in our DNA. We take pride in introducing cutting-edge products to the market, such as our revolutionary counter-phishing prevention method and technical surveillance countermeasures. These innovations redefine cybersecurity and counterintelligence capabilities. What are some of the advanced and cutting-edge technologies and practices that Cyber Armed Security has implemented in order to emphasize the continuous and proactive approach that must be adopted in order to build a robust cyber defense posture?  

Cyber Armed Security™: At Cyber Armed Security, we understand that the landscape of cybersecurity is ever-evolving. Hence, we have embraced a proactive approach that extends beyond conventional methods. Our continuous threat intelligence monitoring and vulnerability assessments, chiefly through Zeno Labs, provide real-time insights and protection. Recognizing that annual penetration tests no longer suffice, we have developed advanced phishing simulation training and countermeasures, as we acknowledge that humans remain the Achilles' heel in cyberattacks. Given our proficiency in open-source intelligence, we have established a subsidiary brand that specializes in employment vetting and background checks, strictly adhering to ISO standards. This ensures that the individuals an organization recruits are indeed who they claim to be, with no concealed criminal history, thus securing a qualified workforce. So, your use of "ethical hacking" as part of an overall, cyber security architecture is geared at identifying the preparedness and robustness of clients?  How serious is the hacking threat?

Cyber Armed Security™: We cannot ignore the global dimension of hacking. Countries like India, with a high population of skilled hackers, pose a unique challenge. Poverty drives many talented hackers to resort to cybercrime. Their skills can lead to devastating attacks on organizations that have not invested in robust cybersecurity measures.  At the core of our mission lies a passion for ethical hacking. While we derive immense satisfaction from successful penetration tests, our true pride comes from using our expertise to combat corruption, human rights abuses, and other societal injustices. We have contributed significantly to these causes on a large scale, emphasizing that our work transcends monetary gains.  While our client satisfaction levels remain at an impressive 100%, we understand that the nature of our work often necessitates discretion. Many of our clients operate in secrecy to mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Therefore, we refrain from publicizing client feedback on platforms like Trustpilot to maintain the confidentiality and security of our clientele. Has Cyber Armed Security noticed any particular threats to large-scale institutions or entities that provide a vital public service? 

Cyber Armed Security™: There is an escalating cyber threat facing healthcare institutions.  We've detected threats to these institutions and their operations in seven states,.  We also must recognize the ambiguity surrounding threat actors. In today's cybersecurity landscape, attackers can be anyone and insider threats are a growing concern. Organizations often expend substantial resources investigating potential insider threats, even though lone wolf attacks remain a possibility. High-level actors, possibly nation-states, may employ individuals to plant intrusion bugs or establish persistence, a tactic that is surprisingly straightforward to execute.  The most startling aspect of recent cyberattacks on healthcare is the diverse array of threat actors. These may range from organized gangs to nation-states or entities affiliated with them. We have observed various nations forming military cyber and intelligence regiments while also anonymously engaging hacking gangs to launch attacks on Western infrastructure in a grey warfare scenario. What can you tell us about the partnerships you have developed and what potential benefits do they offer your clients?

Cyber Armed Security™: At Cyber Armed Security, we advocate a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity. In addition to traditional security measures and firewalls, we endorse the use of content delivery networks and fostering a security-conscious culture within organizations. Human beings can serve as the first line of defense if properly educated and empowered.  A multi-faceted approach also implies necessarily building partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations.  That allows security practitioners to leverage their skills and incorporate deep subject matter knowledge and experience into the universe of services offered to client.  Our partnership with Steve Cocco of Security Strategies Today is one such partnership wherein we show are commitment to providing unmatched security solutions.  This partnership unites technical prowess with real-world operational experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage these days.  What can you tell us from your perspective about the potential benefits and also concerns about its use and implementation into business practices?

Cyber Armed Security™: Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a double-edged sword.  It has taken the world by storm, far surpassing initial expectations. While it offers immense potential in early illness detection and cyberattack prevention, it also raises ethical concerns. The integration of AI into personal devices for constant monitoring raises questions about privacy and autonomy.  We therefore must tread cautiously in a world where AI has the power to monitor our every move. The potential for misuse and abuse of AI-powered surveillance is a legitimate concern. The loss of human privacy in a society under constant AI scrutiny threatens the essence of humanity.  "Deep fakes" are rampant.  With the ability to mimic voices and faces convincingly, deep fakes can be exploited for fraudulent purposes, posing risks in various domains, including finance.  While AI holds promise, we must remain vigilant to ensure that it is harnessed for the benefit of humanity and not as a tool for undue surveillance and control.  It is also essential that companies and institutions dedicate the necessary resources to enhancing cyber security and to staying a step ahead of the threat.  The alarming truth is that organizations failing to invest in cybersecurity become easy targets for cybercriminals. We have witnessed large companies fold due to inadequate penetration testing. In today's world, a single annual penetration test is insufficient to protect against emerging threats. Ongoing monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and proactive threat hunting are imperative to maintain robust security. It would seem that with all that is going on in cyber security, unscrupulous security practitioners may be tempted to take shortcuts or to not maintain the highest ethical standards.  What can you tell us about Cyber Armed Security's commitment to adhering to transparency and to doing what is right for the client, whilst remaining an example of professionalism?

Cyber Armed Security™: We operate within the bounds of ethical and human rights principles. Our commitment to human rights compels us to decline work with organizations involved in activities contrary to these values. We prioritize clients who share our commitment to positive social impact and community welfare.

In conclusion, Cyber Armed Security stands at the forefront of the cybersecurity arena, driven by a passion for ethical hacking, innovation, and a dedication to preserving human rights and privacy in the digital age. Our commitment to evolving cybersecurity threats and challenges ensures that we remain a trusted partner in securing the digital realm.

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