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Paul Edwards
Executive Vice President of Business Technology

AMAG Technology

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Paul Edwards, Executive Vice President of Business Technology, AMAG  Thank you for joining us today, Paul and congratulations on your relatively new and expanded role at AMAG as Executive Vice President of Business Technology. Your journey at AMAG is truly amazing, a journey that literally began in the prior century, and now in 2023 your role is more crucial and more important than ever before. Before we drill down into some of the most important issues of the day such as: cybersecurity, digital transformation, AMAG’s “customer first” focus, and other topics, please tell us a bit more about your background.

Symmetry Mobile

Paul Edwards: I’ve been fortunate to spend nearly my entire professional career at AMAG Technology, a security solutions software and hardware provider. I started as a Database Developer and progressed through several IT roles. In 2011, I was promoted to Vice President of IT and Business Systems where I was responsible for all IT and Business Systems across the ever-expanding global organization with sites in the UK, USA and Brazil. After more than seven years, my role changed to Vice President of Software Development where I oversaw the development of our Symmetry Access Control system, which is AMAG’s access control software application. My team and I conceived and developed two new products: Symmetry Mobile, an Enterprise-grade mobile credential with device management and Symmetry Business Intelligence, the predictive analytics and reporting software module.  In January, AMAG experienced a restructuring where I was promoted to Executive Vice President of Business Technology. My role now is to oversee all technologies used by AMAG employees globally and ensure they meet company standards.  It’s a very exciting time right now, with AMAG’s new President, David Sullivan, in place. We understand that AMAG Technology recently held its annual Global Sales Meeting and David talked about his five-year vision and strategy for the company.  We encourage our readers to watch the video. Please share with us, Paul, how this articulated vision and strategy translates into your goals and objectives for AMAG regarding digital transformation.

Paul Edwards:  Under David Sullivan’s new leadership, AMAG will see changes in all aspects of our business. This translates to my goals and objectives in a simple way, but in a way that will take 3-5 years to complete. Under my purview, all internal technologies used by the organization will be reviewed and if needed, updated to new technologies to increase efficiencies. Improving technology not only helps our employees be more productive and make their roles easier, but also can improve the ways in which AMAG can work with our partners and customers. Can we talk about AMAG’s “customer first” focus, for a moment?  We had the pleasure of sitting down recently with your president, David Sullivan and he said, “Top customer service starts with a clear definition of what it means. Too often I believe that companies speak of customer focus and its importance, but do not have a clear understanding of how to deliver on this promise. We strive to empower our employees to understand how each of their roles contributes to customer delight. Every employee needs to understand our business, our products, our industry, and our customers. We have developed programs to educate them on every one of the above aspects, all with the goal to provide our customers with benchmark service levels that surpass our competitors at every level. Jeff LeBlanc, AMAG Vice President of Professional Services, also shared with us that, “Our customer is at the heart of everything we do.” Please share with us your thoughts, Paul, regarding this guiding philosophy at AMAG.

Paul Edwards: AMAG has always wanted to deliver a solution not just a product for the customer. With every product we develop or bring into our product portfolio, we consider our customer needs, how they will use it, how it can expand their security operation and improve their security landscape. Customer input guides our product development to ensure we develop solutions that our customers need and want. We recently completed a customer survey last November and plan to use the data to make future decisions on product development. Within the next 12-18 months, our customers will see new products and improvements on existing products that will help them meet their changing and demanding requirements. The daily headlines are a constant reminder regarding how serious cybersecurity threats have become and, unfortunately, the bad-guys, whether nation states, well organized hacker groups or lone wolves, have become extremely more sophisticated regarding: malware, phishing, ransomware, denial of service attack (DDoS), and so many other types of threats. What are your thoughts Paul regarding cybersecurity, the “cloud”, SaaS, and “best practices” in this constant threat environment?

Paul Edwards: Previously, security solutions were on isolated networks, but with the convergence of technologies and the cyber threat, IT is now a key stakeholder in all decisions and the ongoing management of a solution.  It is important that the security industry is staying as up-to-date as possible (which can be a challenge) with the latest threats.  The homograph attack is an example of how vigilant people need to be, as by using the Latin character “a” is replaced with the Cyrillic character “a” but are actually different, so a user could receive an email or click a link that looks valid, but in fact is a completely different site hosted by the threat actor.
We are rolling out a new program internally this year to ensure we provide our staff with meaningful, digestible information on a regular basis which will help protect not only AMAG staff at work but our staff in their personal lives as well. Through this knowledge, our staff will be able to discuss cybersecurity with our partners and customers in a relatable manner and bring in internal subject matter experts as required into conversations.
The industry is evolving and more solutions are being moved to the cloud, whether this is a private cloud where the environment is dedicated to the customer or Software as a Service (SaaS) where multiple customers share infrastructure.  It is essential that wherever the solution is based, the data is processed and stored in a secure manner.  To give customers the confidence that the partner they are working with is committed to delivering a high quality and secure service, I recommend only going with partners who have achieved SOC 2 Type 2 compliance by independent auditors. We understand that AMAG will be at ISC West March 29-31 in Las Vegas, Booth # 14089. Care to share with us a “sneak peek” of any upcoming news or AMAG events at ISC West this year?

Paul Edwards: AMAG will be exhibiting in an updated booth at ISC West. We are excited to show a brand new integration with the SAFR SCAN biometric access reader. Symmetry CompleteView VMS, CONNECT Identity Management, and GUEST Visitor Management all have updates that will be in the booth. We invite everyone to stop by booth 14089 to get a demonstration of our updated products and new integration.


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