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Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO, discusses the main benefits of partnering with Fujitsu Cloud Partner Program

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  The ImageWare Systems/Fujitsu joint Press Release on April 1, 2014  included the following quote from Jim Miller, Chairman & CEO of ImageWare Systems, Inc., “With more and more mobile devices being designed with biometric features and worldwide mobile device payments expected to reach $400 billion by 2015, it is critical we work with leading technology companies like Fujitsu, to effectively and holistically address legacy identity and access management security challenges facing businesses and consumers in a big-data, smart mobile world. For more than a decade, we have a track record of working in a variety of large and demanding environments. In Fujitsu, we have a partner who delivers world-class cloud services for public, on-premise, and private infrastructure platforms."

Please summarize for us, from ImageWare’s perspective, the main benefits of partnering with Fujitsu in the Fujitsu Cloud Partner Program.

Jim Miller: Fujitsu and ImageWare enable the deployment of a new multi-modal biometric identity management solution and model. The cloud-based offering is built on the FUJITSU Trusted Cloud Platform S5 and features ImageWare’s GoCloudID™.

ImageWare’s GoCloudID™ services and applications are designed to deliver enterprise class solutions to meet current biometric identity management, enrollment, authentication, and verification needs. This adaptable, modular structure can be scaled, modified, and enhanced as business requirements evolve. GoCloudID provides for rapid adoption of any biometric needs across various markets, including healthcare, retail, banking, facilities management, energy, and power.

The FUJITSU Trusted Cloud Platform S5 addresses today’s ever-increasing performance, security, agility, and reliability needs required by the enterprise. The solution allows companies to choose their own cloud system, control their own architecture, and customize applications.  In addition, the FUJITSU Trusted Cloud Platform S5 ensures ease of access and portability of data, is cost effective, and allows the enterprise to scale its IT environment.  Another significant Fujitsu component is the SystemWalker Catalog Manager SaaS Enablement Platform. This is the layer that facilitates the underlying management and administration of the IWS solution in a SaaS delivery mode and allows for rapid deployment and use by our joint clients.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  Can we drill down for a moment into the financial and investment aspects of the Fujitsu Cloud Partner Program.These cloud services and benefits have been provided by Fujitsu to ImageWare at no cost as part of a revenue sharing model? 

Jim Miller: We’ve taken a novel approach in partnering with Fujitsu for the development and launch of the IWS solution from their cloud. The prospect of designing and implementing a SaaS platform and moving it to cloud delivery is something that required a world class partner with global reach and one of the world’s largest and most secure cloud platforms. The combination of ImageWare’s GoCloudID™ on the Fujitsu cloud, as well as their SaaS enablement platform, has proven its value since the beginning of our engagement. We rely on the Fujitsu TPS5 Cloud for our development and test environments, as well as our production/client systems. It would be hard to quantify the amount of time and money we have saved by working with Fujitsu to deploy our SaaS delivery model. Further, the “fast-track” nature of the cloud partner program allows us to maintain our leadership position in the market as the premier, cloud-based biometric solution provider. We established this line of business as the foundation for our partnering arrangement. This includes “no-cost cloud and SaaS enablement services” balanced by a unique revenue sharing model, as well as sales and marketing support.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  Congratulations on the recent news that “ImageWare Signs Three-Year Agreement with Major International Retailer to Provide Multi-Modal Biometric Identity Management on the Fujitsu Cloud.” This is a major “win” - please elaborate on the results thus far with the Fujitsu Cloud Partner Program?

Jim Miller: Fujitsu and ImageWare closed a three-year agreement with a major international retailer that will use the IWS Go CloudID® products running on the Fujitsu cloud for face, finger, iris, and voice enrollment and matching.  Additionally, Fujitsu has set up proof of concept pilots with several of their major customers and is initiating discussions on sales and marketing activities in Japan and China.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  Fujitsu brand recognition and track record in cloud, SaaS and cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) space is truly second to none – from your perspective, as a Fujitsu partner, what is the unique value proposition Fujitsu brings to the table?

Jim Miller: Fujitsu is a global powerhouse known for its technology and engineering expertise. As a premier information, communication and technology (ICT) services provider globally, Fujitsu has the potential to bring IWS offerings to 41 countries worldwide. As a market leader in Japan and also a strong player in other global markets like East Asia, Fujitsu is helping to position and drive IWS and our integrated offerings into new areas.

Fujitsu is committed to innovation to fulfill its mission to create a Human Centric Intelligent Society, leveraging technology and innovation to create a more rewarding and safe society for people worldwide. We believe ImageWare’s GoCloudID™ and GoMobile Interactive™ are solutions that align well to Fujitsu’s vision as well as its business strategy to deliver Biometric-as-a-Service to the marketplace.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  To the extent you can share this with us, and we understand the limitations as a publicly-held company, what’s next in the ImageWare Fujitsu pipeline?

Jim Miller: We are at work executing our joint plan to target the retail and financial service verticals, two areas of commerce that cry out for enhanced security solutions.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  Are there are any other subjects you want to discuss?

Jim Miller: The prevalence of smartphones is the singular advance that will usher in the usage of biometrics for identity and data security, across the enterprise and for personal use. Knowing there is no slow-down in the efforts of criminals to access data for their own gain, we believe our solutions are uniquely positioned to eliminate these threats and help our customers regain the trust of their users, clients, and constituents.

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